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beijing top things

Top Things to Do in Beijing

A metropolis as it always appears to be, Beijing still retains an air of sweet nostalgia, which you could tell from not only the myriad of historical treasures like the Great Wall or the Forbidden City, but also the maze-like Hutongs, atmospheric bazaars, classic Peking Operas and the daily life of Beijingers.
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Its inclusiveness and culture diversity as a time-honored capital also make it an ideal destination to witness the magic collision of the modern and ancient, the imperial dignity and folk culture. No wonder many feel confused to choose scenic sites for their first visit in Beijing - it just has to much to offer.
Conquer the Great Wall of China
Great Wall

Originally constructed to protect the Central Plains against invasions from barbarians of the north, the Great Wall was constantly expanded to some 20,000 km in the following 2000 thousand years.

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When seen from afar, this incredible piece of engineering looks like a Chinese dragon stretching its long body along the rolling hills till fading out in the horizon. You could also take a stroll on it, overlooking the spectacular surrounding countryside and feeling a breath of history. Considering the striking total length, some famed sections such as Badaling, Jinshanling and Mutianyu are ideal options to indulge in its greatness.

Now indulge yourself into the grandeur of the Great Wall by checking out the wide range of our Great Wall tours.

Feel the Imperial Power at the Forbidden City
Forbidden City

Right in the center of the city's central axis, stands the royal residence of 24 emperors and their households in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912). It is a massive building complex of myriad of palaces, pavilions, courtyards, gardens, etc. that embody the soul of top Chinese palace architectures. Remaining much the same as it was before,  the Forbidden City makes itself the best place to feel the might and grandeur of Chinese imperial power and the unique aesthetic concept of the royal house.

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Get lost in this thousand-year royal palace and feel the pulse of China's glorious history by joining our Beijing Essential Tour.

Roam around the Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square, home to the Gate of Heavenly Peace, Mao's Mausoleum, the National Museum, etc, is a great site of pilgrimage for Chinese and the symbolic centre of Chinese power. As the world's largest public square with an area of 440,000 km2, it serves as the key site for major military parades, thus bearing silent witness to many significant events in history.

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Adding to the charm is the elaborate flag raising and lowering ceremony held at every dawn and dusk, which would definitely enthrall you with the confidence and masculinity charm exuded from the soldiers of the honour guard of the Chinese PLA.

Enjoy a relaxing walk around the Tiananmen Square with this amazing Beijing Highlights Full-Day Tour.

Take in the Picturesque Scenery at Summer Palace
Summer Palace

Reputed as the National Royal Garden Museum, the perfectly preserved Summer Palace was in fact the summer resort of royal members during the imperial times. It is where magic happens when the royal splendor encounters the tender beauty of water-themed classical gardens of Suzhou.

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Based on the two major parts - the Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake, a great number of palaces, pavilions, bridges and corridors are meticulously laid out, displaying the unique philosophical ideas, cultural consciousness and aesthetic taste of ancient Chinese.

Marvel at the Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is the extant largest sacrificial complex in the world, where the emperors in the Ming and Qing dynasties worshiped heaven for good harvest and nation's prosperity. In addition to the golden-top blue-tile building towering the whole site, some unexpected surprises are tucked up for your discovery, like the intriguing Echo Wall, Triple Echo Stone and Dialogue Stone, all good examples of the clever use of acoustic principles.

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It is also a morning exercise park for locals doing squaring dance, Tai Chi and more intriguing activities you would never seen in anywhere else.

Savor the Most Authentic Peking Duck
Beijing Food

What's a trip to Beijing without eating its roast duck? Praised as one of the world's most delicious dishes, Peking Duck is a real treat to your taste buds with its unbelievably flavor embodied in the inviting smell, crispier skin and tender meat. Quanjude and Bianyifang, founded respectively in 1864 and 1416, are two must-go restaurants for those who look for the most authentic Peking Duck cooked in the traditional way.

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Other popular dishes and snacks like the Quick-Fried Tripe, Zhajiang Noodles, Bean Juice and Wandouhuang are well prepared here for you to taste the most of Beijing.

Encounter the Traditional Life through the Hutongs

Nothing compares to exploring the Old Beijing through the maze-like Hutongs. Flanked by traditional courtyard residences, these narrow alleyways are a live picture of the locals' real life and a glimpse of the city's historical image with no skyscrapers munching the skyline.

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Under walls or trees upon which some bicycles are casually placed, you could see men playing Chinese chess, women trimming vegetables while chatting, or children running about holding a Tanghulu (sugarcoated haws on a stick).

Fell a little inspired? Now check for more interesting facts at Top Attractive Beijing Hutongs and a good selection of Beijing tours including a Hudong visit: Explore Beijing Hutong Area by Subway, Beijing Historical & Cultural Tour and Beijing Ancient & Modern Wonders Tour.

Spend a Once-In-a-Life Night with Peking Opera
Peking Opera

Peking Opera is the most famed and top opera in China. From the impressive makeup, costuming to distinctive singing, music and movements, it is where you begin to learn the spirits of Chinese traditional artistic culture.

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Mainly depicting a historical Chinese event or folk tale, a Peking opera is not hard to understand even for those who speak little or no Chinese. Amazingly, martial arts and acrobatics are also included in some operas to enhance the dramatic effect.

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