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  • user_img
    Sonya A wrote a review 21 September 2023
    Towcester, United Kingdom
    China Tours 13 day tour
    My daughter and I just returned from a fantastic 13 day trip to China with China Tours. The organisation and itinerary were excellent and our guides were really helpful and knowledgable. We had an absolutely brilliant time and a lot of that is down to the China Tours staff. When my daughter left her favourite jacket behind in Chengdu, Martha immediately arranged to have it sent on to the guide in Shanghai for us. I thoroughly recommend China Tours to anyone considering a holiday in China.
    Date of experience: Sep. 2023 • Family
  • user_img
    Tom M wrote a review 20 September 2023
    Cork, Ireland
    Chinatours.com’s “Essence Of China” is fantastic. Highly Recommended.
    We have just come back from a ten day tour of China. We booked it online with Chinatours.com and we were not disappointed, Martha could not have been more helpful. We visited Beijing, Xi'an, Zhangjiajie and Shanghai. The experience was phenomenal. Chinatours.com were absolutely fantastic. Everything was superbly organised, the guides were really knowledgeable and friendly. The hotels were all clean and comfortable. The bullet train was eerily quiet and smooth even at 350km/hr. The internal flights, China Eastern Airlines, were all thoroughly enjoyable. The sites were stunning and the experience will stay with us for ever. The trip exceeded all of our expectation. Thoroughly recommended, thank you Chinatours.com for an exceptionally good time.
    Date of experience: Sep. 2023 • Couples
  • user_img
    623normant wrote a review Written 14 September 2023

    A Journey through China: Exploring 2,100 Miles on Bullet Trains
    Introduction: Two weeks in China became an unforgettable adventure that took me on a tour of this diverse and historically rich country. With the efficient logistics of bullet trains whisking me across 2,100 miles at speeds of up to 350 kph, I had the privilege of being accompanied by knowledgeable guides who were not only well-versed in Chinese history but also took a personal interest in ensuring I had a fulfilling experience. Knowledgeable Guides: The heart of this remarkable journey was undoubtedly the guides who accompanied me throughout. Their expertise in Chinese history was evident as they skillfully narrated the stories behind each site we visited. Their deep knowledge extended beyond facts and dates; they painted vivid pictures of the past, bringing ancient dynasties to life. It was as though I had traveled back in time, understanding the significance of each monument, temple, and landmark.
    Personalized Experience: What truly set my trip apart was the guides' dedication to ensuring I had a personalized experience. They encouraged questions and patiently answered each one, taking a genuine interest in my curiosity. Their enthusiasm was contagious, making every moment of exploration feel like a shared adventure. They didn't merely recount history; they made it relatable and accessible. Cultural Insights: The guides were not limited to historical narratives; they also delved deep into Chinese culture. From explaining traditional customs and rituals to discussing contemporary trends, I gained a holistic understanding of China's diverse culture. They also shared personal anecdotes, providing a unique perspective on daily life in China. Their stories revealed the warmth and resilience of the Chinese people, making me feel more connected to the country.
    Exploring China's Rich History: One of the highlights of the trip was the guides' ability to explain China's remarkable 5,000-year history. They seamlessly wove together tales of ancient emperors, philosophers, and dynasties, connecting the past to the present. Through their words, I gained a profound appreciation for the continuity of Chinese civilization.
    A Modern Marvel: Beyond its rich history, China exceeded my expectations in terms of modernity. I was pleasantly surprised by the clean air, pristine water, and well-maintained streets. The sight of new cars, electric buses, and fast subways was a testament to China's commitment to environmental sustainability and infrastructure development. The subways with marble floors exemplified the attention to detail in every aspect of public life.
    Conclusion: My two-week journey through China, covering 2,100 miles on bullet trains, was a remarkable experience made truly exceptional by the knowledgeable, passionate, and patient guides who accompanied me. They made sure I not only saw the beauty of China's history but also felt a deep connection to its culture and people. China's blend of ancient heritage and modernity left an indelible mark on me, and I returned home with a newfound appreciation for this incredible nation.
    Date of experience: Sep. 2023 • Solo
  • user_img
    Elaboda S wrote a review 3 September 2023
    Epsom, UK
    lovely holiday in Cambodia and Vietnam
    Wow what can we say. we had a wonderful holiday in Cambodia and Vietnam recently. What an amazing experience it was. We all know how beautiful the two countries are. The private tour which was organized to us was top class. the tour guides , the lady who coordinated the tour , the hotels and the itinerary is five star all the way. This is the second long holiday which we have gone with China tours and what a great experience. thank you ALL thank you . please keep up with the great work
    Date of experience: Aug. 2023 . Couples
  • user_img
    rehana wrote a review 13 August 2023

    China Tour August 2023
    Thank you so much to Martha who made sure our trip was amazing! All the tour guides and drivers throughout our stay, especially Helen in Xian, were fantastic! Our stay started in Beijing, Xian, cruise along the Yangtze River and finally Shanghai.

    The cruise was surprising lovely and a much needed calm few days during this packed tour! Everything was simply wonderful and definitely will travel with you again! Thank you Martha!
    Date of experience: Aug. 2023
  • user_img
    WorldTraveller75_01 wrote a review 13 July 2023
    Brussels, Belgium
    A* star weekend in Xi’an, with China Tours
    A* for a great booking and travelling experience. Martha was super responsive online during the booking process, and my two guides (Kevin in Beijing, Helen in Xi'an) were fantastic. Helen in particular was extremely knowledgeable on Chinese history and culture and fun to be with. Highly recommended
    Date of experience: July 2023

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