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  • Mr. Lim Eng Kiat


    Mr. Lim Eng Kiat

    Kevin was friendly and knowledgeable, explaining in detail the rich history of Xian. Our idea of a private tour was to proceed at our own pace and make impromptu adjustments where plausible. We didn’t follow the planned itinerary exactly as planned but we didn’t miss out anything. For example, due to wet weather in the early part of the week, we went to Huangshan on the 3rd day instead of the 2nd day. The driver was good and friendly too. The vehicle was spacious, air-conditioning no problems what-so-ever. The a-la-carte meals were very good. I would say they exceeded my expectations! I did not keep count but we always had sufficient water to drink every day of the tour. Thanks for your good service rendered to me and my family! Regards, Lim Eng Kiat

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  • Mr. Ahmed


    Mr. Ahmed


    We have enjoyed an excellent tour organized by your company. The tour guides were very professional, courteous and very warm in conducting the tour. Evelyn has an excellent sense of humor with her professionalism whilst Linda and Jack are full of enthusiasm with similar professional qualities. We would definitely consider using your company for future traveling. Thanks again.

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  • Mr. Arnulfo Ballesteros Quinto


    Mr. Arnulfo Ballesteros Quinto

    Choosing from three tour organizers, I was very happy that I chose Chinatours. What really got me was the quick reply from Ms. Rose Shi and the itinerary that she presented. You offered the most interesting places to visit. Up to the time before I departed for the trip, all information and paperwork was efficiently handled by Rose. She was on top of everything! From arrival to departure and all the transportation transfers were on time, well-coordinated and amazing personnel. I have to say, your tour guides were exceptional!! I’ve been to many tours but your guides were ranked the highest in my book. They were all well-educated, well-mannered and really made me feel at ease. They were fun to be with. From Andy(Beijing), Tony (Pingyao), Carl (Guilin), Gao (Shanghai), and most especially Steven (Mt. Huangshan). I had to say all the guides were impressive. However, Steven was really exceptional for keeping my interest in Mt. Huangshan despite the rainy and very misty day. He described the places very vividly that I could almost imagine what the sight looks like. Very impressive! Thank you for a wonderful experience!

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