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  • Mrs. Andrea Fuller


    Mrs. Andrea Fuller

    We are still travelling at present and I will answer this email when I am home and have enough time in about 2 days time. We had a fantastic trip in China and our guide, Tony, was brilliant. Everything went really well, better than expected. Tony, our guide was excellent. Always polite and considerate. He spoke really well and even understood our Aussie accent and jokes! He didn’t ever pressure us to buy goods or do shopping and was always helpful in making other arrangements if we didn’t want to do shopping. The driver and the vehicle were also excellent and were always in tip top condition.We felt very safe and privileged having such a good car and great driver. All the meals arranged by the tour were really good. We let Tony, our guide, select most of the dishes and he always did an excellent job as everything we had was delicious and of very good quality ingredients. We really enjoyed the meal on the Longji Terrace region, because it was such a surprise to get such a range of delicious home style cooked dishes with very fresh ingredients. The other meal we really enjoyed and was such a highlight of the trip was at the Yangshou cooking school, being taught how to create our own delicious dishes and we really enjoyed the whole experience. We received bottled water every day and was greatly appreciated. There were so many beautiful places we visited, we were truly impressed.

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  • Joanne, Gay, Shirley, Bill and Cathy


    Joanne, Gay, Shirley, Bill and Cathy


    After having travelled with you, we would highly recommend your company to anyone interested in visiting China. Everything was faultlessly arranged and the guides and hotels were excellent. The guide service was excellent with all guides very knowledgeable about the history of their area and all speaking very good to excellent English. They were all friendly and helpful and went out of their way to ensure all our needs were met. A special mention to Sandy (Beijing) Shelley (Chengdu) and Catherine (Guilin) all of whom we got on very well with and thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. Additional activities were suggested at times by our guides and we were happy to attend the ones that interested us. We were never pressured to go to places or buy items we did not want. All drivers were attentive and helpful and the cars clean, modern and air conditioned. All hotels had English speaking staff, were clean and friendly with exemplary service. The Hongzhu Shan Hotel at Emei mountain and the Crowne Plaza Hotel Ancient Town at Li Jiang were favourites. Both were beautiful surroundings, great facilities and well located. Bottled water was supplied daily in each location with the exception of Li Jiang but when we asked for water the guide immediately purchased supplies. We were overawed by the scenery and history of China and especially liked the Great Wall, Giant Budha at Leshian, the Long Li terraced fields and the Ancient town and Show spectacular at Li Jiang.

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  • Anne McPartland


    Anne McPartland

    Our guides in every city were excellent. We understood them well, and they were all helpful and attentive to our needs. We were taken to about 2 official shopping venues in each place. Our guides checked before hand that it was ok to take us there, and there was never any pressure to buy. The guides we liked the best were Wuese from Lhasa, and Lisa from Xi’an. I think this was because they had a sense of fun, and also helped us bargain in the markets we went to when we were touring around. Our vehicles were comfortable, and our drivers patient and prompt in every place we visited. We loved experiencing all of the different meals and local dishes. All of the restaurants we went to were clean and served excellent food. Some standouts were the yak steak and vegetables we had in Lhasa, the dessert we had in Xi’an, that Lisa had recommended - it was a cream and mango filled dumpling served half frozen. All of the hotels were of excellent quality and very comfortable. The Beijing Marriot was a standout, as it was so huge and had such amazing decore. We kept having to take photos of the lobby! Our hotel that you arranged for our extra stay time in Shanghai was even better than the official tour one, and very near the French Quarter, so great for walking and shopping. We drank all our bottled water every day, as it was warm weather. It was a much appreciated and very comforting addition. We really enjoyed our trip!

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