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chengdu top things panda

Top Things to Do in Chengdu

In Chengdu most Chinese tourists will only think of drinking tea and enjoying a hotpot, yet Chengdu offers a lot more. Giant Pandas, Sichuan Cuisine and a leisurely life, Chengdu is also a gateway to UNESCO sites like Leshan Giant Buddha, Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong Scenic Spot. Chengdu is often accompanied by a Chinese saying, translated as: "A city you do not want to leave once you come".
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Chengdu was the choice of President Obama and his wife Michelle during their China visit, besides Beijing and Xi'an. With rich history and mild weather, Chengdu pleasantly greets tourists with what it has to offer in all seasons.
Visit Pandas

When people see these adorable black and white balls of fur, they naturally think of China. Chengdu, hometown of pandas, is no doubt the best place to see them in their habitat. Once here, you cannot miss the up-close encounter of holding a panda, taking memorable photos with them or being a panda volunteer for one day.

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In addition to seeing the pandas, your visit will also help save an endangered species. Dujiangyan Panda Base, about 1.5hrs drive from Chengdu, is where all the panda action takes place.

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Explore Leshan Giant Buddha
chengdu leshan giant buddha
chengdu leshan giant buddha

This UNESCO site is not only popular among Buddhists, but all tourists who visit. Tag yourself exploring this amazing archeological wonder. Tourists have the option to shell out a few dollars to admire the Giant Buddha on a boat cruise at its base and then be lifted to the top to marvel at the finer details of Buddha’s head.

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You may be amazed to find that the Buddha is 71m (233ft) high and 24m (79ft) wide, each eye 3m (11ft) long, his middle finger 8m(27ft)! You can’t go wrong adding Leshan Giant Buddha to your destination list.

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1 Day - Magnificent Leshan Giant Buddha
4 Days - Glorious Exploration of Chengdu Tour

Visit Mount Emei

Mount Emei is a holy mountain and prides itself on its rich Buddhism culture, monasteries, fascinating views, sea clouds and mischievous monkeys. The best time for tourists to visit Mount Emei is in the summer to cool down, and autumn for its breathtaking view when tree leaves in the dense forests turn yellow and red. Buddhists have made their pilgrimages to the mountain in all seasons.

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With several Buddhism temples on Mount Emei, both tourists and Buddhists can meditate with the peaceful chantings of the monks and the smell of the incense. Achieving tranquility on Mount Emei is easy.

Enjoy highlight of Mount Emei in:
4 Days - Glorious Exploration of Chengdu Tour

Take a journey through Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong Scenic Spots
chengdu jiuzhaigou

The two scenic spots are World Heritage Sites and will amaze you with their natural beauty. Jiuzhaigou Valley presents you with breathtaking views of dense forests, lakes like green jewels and beautiful blue, swirling rapids and waterfalls. Huanglong Scenic Spot offers colorful calcified ponds combined with snowcapped peaks surrounded by diverse forests.

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Known to the Chinese people as ‘Paradise on Earth’, a journey through the two fascinating sites will never disappoint you. Flights to Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Airport are available from major cities so you are just a flight away from these glorious spots.

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5 Days - Panda Wonderland Tour with Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Scenic Spot

Visit Panda Post
chengdu panda post

Started in 2013, the world’s only Panda Themed Post is a must-see location in Chengdu. Besides all the cute pandas on every item they sell, Panda Post also possesses unique zip code and postal date stamp.

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Strolling along Wide and Narrow Alley, drop into Panda Post and get some panda themed post cards. Sit at a lovely panda table and write your wishes to friends and family. Then simply let the pandas send your greetings home and surprise your loved ones.

Sipping tea and Enjoy Ear Cleaning

Live the local life; bamboo chairs, copper tea-pot, square tables, greenery parks, sipping tea with tea cups, covered by bamboo shade. Try out Chengdu’s leisure life with exclusive ear-cleaning services, with the quality that only an outdoor teahouse can give.

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You can join the locals in sampling some jasmine or green tea and watch them play mahjong in the teahouses. All these will make your Chengdu trip relaxing, enjoyable and unforgettable.

Top places to experience:
People’s Park, Wangjianglou Park, Wide and Narrow Alley

Sample Sichuan Cuisine
chengdu cuisine

Prepare you taste buds for the spicy authentic and mouth-watering Sichuan Cuisine. Famous outside China and the world, Sichuan Cuisine is a distinguished culinary experience, while still adapting to the local’s tastes. Sampling authentic Sichuan Cuisine is a must on your Chengdu to-do list.

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A special and tasty cuisine, Hotpot in Chengdu enjoys an excellent reputation in the whole country for its delicious flavors and secret recipe. Relaxing around the table, watching staff cook and serve different varieties of the dish, having hotpot is the first choice for parties.

Try snacks at:
Jinli, Wide and Narrow Alley

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