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Yunnan Tours

A land diverse in its culture and blessed by picturesque landscape, Yunnan remains a magnet to worldwide travellers, with its authentic ancient towns, minority cultures, warm climate, dramatic scenery and leisure pace of life all adding up to a sensual overload.

With our carefully crafted Yunnan tours, you will have your eyes entertained by leisure Kunming, colourful Daili, romantic Lijiang, mythical Shangri-La, breathtaking Yuanyang Terraced Fields and Dongchuan Red, time-locked Jianshui and more hidden gems away from the madding crowd.

Whether to taste a slice of Yunnan or plunge in its amazing diversity, our tours will satisfy your needs with all styles and themes, complete with customized service and NO-SHOPPING policy to make your trip an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Map of Yunnan  Tours sights
Day Tours
Indulge yourself in our carefully-selected Yunnan day tours to explore the most enchanting cities in this dreamland. Be stunned by the fascinating karst landscape of Stone Forest in Kunming, encounter with Bai Minority cultures in Dali, soak up the romantic charm of Lijiang Ancient Town, or lost yourself in the mythical haven of Shangri-La. The most featured and authentic aspect in each city is showcased at a leisure pace and waiting for you to explore.
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Multi-day Tours
Our Yunnan multi-day tours take you dig deep into a world of minority people, folk cultures, old towns, temples, lakes, snow mountains, nature reserve and terraced fields. You could plan 2-3 days to have in-depth discovery in single destinations like Kunming, Lijiang, Daili and even Tiger Leaping Gorge, or experience the most aspects of Yunnan with our classic tours combining two or more cities. Select your best and get ready to be stunned by the unparalleled Yunnan splendour!
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Popular China Tours with Yunnan
Colorful Yunnan offers diversely unforgettable experiences. If more days permitted, why not add this wonderland of ethnic minorities into your China holiday? The following tour packages, perfectly fusing Yunnan with other popular destinations in China like nearby Guizhou and Guilin, will enthrall you with vibrant culture, striking landscape and local people’s daily life in China. All tours are flexible and customizable to match your particular interests, travel budget, etc.
Top Questions about Yunnan Tours
What are the top recommended cities to visit in Yunnan?
Yunnan has many mesmerizing cities well worth a visit, and the top recommend ones include Kunming – the Spring City known as the gateway to the marvelous Stone Forest and Dongchuan Red Land, Dali - the gathering place of Bai ethnic group with historical pagodas and crystal lake, Lijiang – a time-locked minority town with romantic cobbled streets, ancient waterways and Naxi style houses, Shangri-La - an earthly paradise to indulge in Tibetan culture and unspoiled natural beauty, as well as Yuanyang – famous for its stunning rice terraces.
When is the best time to visit Yuanyang Rice Terraces?
It's possible to visit Yuanyang Rice Terraces all year round for it presents different beauty in different seasons. However, November to April (next year) will be the best time to appreciate the Yuanyang Rice Terraces at its most breathtaking when the fields are irrigated with water after harvest and shimmering in mist reflection. Travellers also come here for lush greenery in summer and golden terraces in autumn.
Are there any problems with altitude sickness when travelling around Yunnan?
Generally, you’re unlikely to have any trouble with altitude until you reach Shangri-La, at an altitude of 3200 metres (10498 foot), where some people might experience symptoms like headache and nausea. It’s suggested you avoid strenuous exercises and drink lots of water during your stay.
The trip to the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in Lijiang will take you up to about 4,400 meters, or 14,400 foot. But mostly you’ll take the cable car and only spend a few minutes up there. There is nothing serious except some shortness of breath. And oxygen canister can be purchased easily there.