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Xian Food & Restaurants

An ancient capital boasting of its history and heritages, Xian is also a paradise for foodies, especially those wheaten food lovers. From grilled sizzling kebabs on street stalls to classic fine dining, Xian has so many delicacies to offer that one might struggle to decide what are the must-try dishes and snacks during the limited time in Xian, and where to find the most authentic versions.

With all that said, here is our list of top classic local food and the popular restaurants and food streets to try in Xian.

Xian Food
Xian Food
Classic Food You Can't Miss in Xian
Paomo (泡馍)
The most iconic food in Xian, Paomo is actually a bowl of torn flatbread boiled in thick broth. After ordering a bowl of Paomo, you will be served a bowl and one or two pieces of flatbread, and it is your job to tear the bread into crumbles. Then your bread crumbles will be returned to the kitchen where it will be topped with vermicelli, slices of lamb or beef, and some chopped greens before being boiled in broth.
Roujiamo (肉夹馍)
Roujiamo is a local meat burger with a mixture of fat and lean pork pocketed in the baked bread. To ensure the maximum flavor, the meat must be braised for hours in the marinade and then be hand-minced, the bread must be baked in a traditional furnace.
Liangpi (凉皮)
Liangpi, or Cold Noodles, is considered as the best partner of Roujiamo by locals. The preparation of Liangpi starts with steaming the flour-liquid mixture for minutes until it becomes into texture sheet, then cuts the sheet into thin strips. Before being served, it will be topped with bean sprouts, and drizzled with the source of sesame paste, black vinegar, salt, and roasted chili oil.
Qishan's Saozi Noodles
Qishan's Saozi Noodles (岐山臊子面)
Hand-made noodles and savory ingredients are two vital elements for a bowl of delicious Saozi Noodles. The noodles must be thin, smooth, pliable, and hand-made of high quality wheat flour. Being flavored with various seasonings, the ingredients are savory and appetizing, including pork dice, black fungus, carrot dice, potato dice, garlic, egg, and bean curd. After being topped with sour and spicy soup, the cooked Saozi Noodles are flavorful and with a lingering aftertaste.
Guang Tang Bao
Guang Tang Bao (灌汤包)
Literally means Chinese bun filled with meat and soup, Guang Tang Bao in Xian highlights of its extremely thin skin and the fragrant soup being packed inside. The saying goes that 'the bun appears like a chrysanthemum when served in the steamer, and looks like a lantern after being picked up'. It will be more appetizing if having together with local special vinegar and chili. Regarding how did the soup being packed inside, you'd better discover it by yourself.
Biangbiang Noodles
Biangbiang Noodles
A kind of hand-stretched noodle in Shaanxi Province, the wide and long Biangbiang Noodles have been listed as one of the ten strange wonders in Shaanxi because of its belt-like shape. Though according to most reports, the noodle is trendy because of the name 'Biang' which is the most complex Chinese character, if you ever try it, you'll be more impressed by its simplicity and great flavor. Before being served, the noodles will be drizzled with rich chili sauce and different veggies based on your taste.
Famous Food Streets in Xian
Muslim Street (回民街)
  • Xian Muslim StreetA must-visit destination when you in Xian, the Muslim Street is a famous cultural food street which is the greatest concentration of authentic local snacks with over 300 kinds of characteristic delicacies. The vast number of pastries, cakes, nuts, refreshments, and dishes will easily make you mouthwatering while taking a stroll here. Besides the delicacy, the city central location, long history, great souvenir options, and the various Ming and Qing style architectures are also reasons of its prosperity.

    Address: on the west side of Bell and Drum Tower Square
Datang Tongyifang (大唐通易坊)
  • Xian Datang TongyifangAn antique commercial street, Datang Tongyifang is located west of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda South Square, with all its architectures in Tang Dynasty style. Combining leisure, recreation, commerce, dining, and culture, it is the home of various amazing exotic restaurants, including Japanese, South Korean, Indian, German, etc. Restaurants serving famous Chinese regional cuisines are also available here.

    Address: crossroad of Yanta West Road and Cuihua Road, Xian (on west side of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square)
Dongxin Street (东新街)
  • Xian Dongxin StreetA famous night market in Xian, Dongxin Street is an ideal destination to sample diversified snacks of both local and other regions of China. Come nightfall, the street just comes alive with colorful lights, various snack stalls and bustling crowds seeking a midnight delicacy. Crayfish, kebab, teppan-yaki, soup dumpling, etc., you will easily reach to your palatable food here.

    Address: on the east side of Xincheng Square, Xincheng District, Xian
Most Recommended Restaurants to Sample Authentic Local Food
Xian Restaurant (西安饭庄)
  • Xian RestaurantEstablished in 1929, the restaurant has served many state leaders including Zhou Enlai, Ye Jianying, etc. Being located on South Street, it is a stone's throw away from the Bell Tower. The authentic Shaanxi flavor is a major part of the restaurant's appeal, and it always delights its customers with a range of Shaanxi classics, like Hulu chicken, sweet rice fried with fruit nuts, Jinsiyouta, etc.
    Note: Once located on East Street, the restaurant is now temporally moved into Zhonglou Hotel on South Street for 3-5 years because of redecoration.

    Address: No.110, South Street, Xian (in Zhonglou Hotel)
    Average Cost: about CNY90 per person (around USD15)
Qinfeng Lou (秦风楼)
  • Xian Qinfeng LouOffering authentic Shaanxi cuisine at reasonable prices, Qinfeng Lou is one of the best places to go for traditional food in Xian. Besides the scrumptious specialties including cucumber mixed with gluten, fried eggplant and bean, heluo noodles, etc., its authenticity also extends to the interior decoration and considerate service which allows customers to enjoy Xian delicacies in a fun, laid back environment. Being located south of the Wild Goose Pagoda Plaza, it is a convenient option for those will visit and just visited the Big Wild Goose Pagoda.

    Address: South of the Wild Goose Pagoda Plaza, Yanta Nan Street, Yanta District, Xian
    Average Cost: about CNY60 per person (around USD10)
Defachang Dumpling Restaurant (德发长饺子馆)
  • Xian Defachang Dumpling RestaurantWith a history of about 80 years, the restaurant is outstanding for its dumpling banquets, which are regarded as the most diversified and most upscale within China. Being located between Bell Tower and Drum Tower, the restaurant has an antique exterior resembling the architectural style of the Tang Dynasty and spacious, glamorous interior, providing a comfortable, elegant dining environment for its customers.

    Address: No. 3 West Street, Lianhu District, Xian
    Average Cost: about CNY100 per person (around USD17)
China Folk's Restaurant (百姓厨房)
  • China Folk's RestaurantFor a taste of classic Shaanxi home-style dishes and snacks, visit China Folk's Restaurant. Started its business in 1999 and had excelled at offering tasty dishes and attentive services ever since, the restaurant has developed from a small eatery to now a catering company with 11 branches in such a short time. Signature dishes of the restaurant include wonton, Bean Noodles in Chili Sauce, fried dumplings, Boiled Sheep Blood in Chili Sauce and etc. Plus, the restaurant also highlights of many Sichuan cuisines.

    Address: Southeast Crossroad between North Second Ring Road and Weiyang Road, Weiyang District, Xian
    Average Cost: about CNY80 per person (around USD14)
Fanji Roujiamo (樊记肉夹馍)
  • Xian Fanji RoujiamoA great local chain restaurant, Fanji is extremely famous for its Roujiamo of distinctive flavor and savory taste, and had managed to gain popularity among locals. Besides Roujiamo, the restaurant also produces a range of stunning Shaanxi classics, including Cold Noodles, Egg and Fermented Glutinous Rice Soup, Saozi Noodles, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, etc. which are all at affordable prices.

    Address: No.51, Zhubashi Street, Xian
    Average Cost: about CNY16 per person (around USD3)
Other Popular Chinese Restaurants in Xian
Xian Roast Duck Restaurant (西安烤鸭店)
  • Xian Roast Duck RestaurantAn ideal place to sample roast duck in Xian, the Roast Duck Restaurant enjoys a high evaluation among both locals and tourists due to its quality service and high-grade duck meat. The menu here is in Chinese and English, with pictures, and it particularly highlights of their roast duck and sweet sour fish.

    Address: No.1, Middle section of Laowei Road, Beilin District, Xian
    Average Cost: about CNY60 per person (around USD10)
Tianlongbaoyan Vegetarian Restaurant (天龙宝严素食馆)
  • Xian Tianlongbaoyan Vegetarian RestaurantBoasting ambiance of Buddhism, the secluded atmosphere of Tianlongbaoyan can offer you tranquility and peace of mind from hustling surroundings. Of course, the major appeal of the restaurant lies in its scrumptious vegetarian cuisines which are all made of vegetarian materials but maintain the attractive flavor of meat.

    Address: No.1 West Ci’en Road, Yanta District, Xian
    Average Cost: about CNY80 per person (around USD14)
Yue Zhen Xuan (粤珍轩)
  • Xian Yue Zhen XuanOffering Cantonese style food which is less spicy and salty than local food, Yue Zhen Xuan is outstanding for its high-quality service, elegant interiors, large amount of seafood options, and night tea snacks which are served after 20:30. The separate indoor play area for kids makes it an ideal choice for parents with babies. Besides the seafood, other specialties like Crispy Chicken, Braised Pork with Soy Sauce are also worth your try.

    Address: No.256 Dongxin Street, Xincheng Square, Xincheng District, Xian
    Average Cost: about CNY100 per person (around USD17)
Western Restaurants
  • Cyclist Restaurant
    Address: No.25 Huangcheng East Road (50m North of West Gate of Sofite), Xincheng District, Xian
    Opening Time: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
  • DUO Spanish Authentic Cuisine
    Address: No.1666 Qujiangchi West Road, Qujiang District, Xian
    Opening Time: 11:30 am - 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
  • Ganges Indian Restaurant
    Address: A5-3 Happy Mall Food Court, Ci'en Road, Yanta District, China
    Opening Time: 11:00 am - 10:30 pm

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