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Shanghai Nightlife

Shanghai is a city that not just renders you endless surprise in the daytime, but also showcases the fabulous night view that can’t be missed. Whilst the Oriental Pearl Radio & TV Tower always arouses the passengers’ admiral, its surrounding area is also full of vigour that is worth a visit at night.

Pudong New District
Pudong Night Scene

Skyscrapers and night profiles

There is no doubt that the Pudong New District where the tower stands is a must-see destination, and one can have a feast to the eye upon those recently built skyscrapers such as Shanghai Tower. With a height of 632 metres, it is coated with resplendent light installation around its modern body just as other companies near it, such as Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC). There you can have a full taste of China’s modernization process and its reputed achievement during about last 30 years. It’s easy to make the conclusion that Shanghai is really an international metropolis and surely the night profiles of these architectures would leave you a great impression.

Shanghai Oriental Art Centre and performance series

Located in Pudong New District and specifically LuJiaZui Financial & Trade Zone, Shanghai Oriental Art Centre is Shanghai’s cultural landmark. Having equipped with the cutting-edge facilities that once welcomed both the Berliner Philharmonic and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestras, it’s now the stage for Chinese younger generation artists such as Yundi Li and Lang Lang. You can also have a taste in Chinese aesthetics through performance reedited from either antiquity myths (夔龙玉) or from modern Chinese authors’ novels such as Lao, She. It’s the multicultural assembly for global preferences.

Location and Contact info.:
Add: No.425 Dingxiang Road, Pudong New District
Tel: +86-21-3842-4800, +86-21-6854-1234, +86-400-6466-406

The Bund

The combination of East and West

The Bund is opposite the Pudong New District and separated by Huangpu River. Originally acting as the financial centre once after Shanghai was opened as an international port, this area has gathered the most Chinese outlandish buildings along the No.1 East Zhongshan Road, with the remains of typical genres from the last one hundred years. It’s a colourful world well combined with the Eastern and Western culture, manifesting a focus on the characteristic of being inclusive.

Diverse night time stay

The choices for the night time expense are multiple, whether it’s a leisure walk along the riverside road for the comparison about the old and new Shanghai, or the global food enjoyment, or a short settlement on the open platform to have a look down upon the river, or just bars and party venues visit for a total relaxation that local people quite prefer-you can even meet Chinese superstars there!

Popular Bars and Pubs:

  • Hakkasan (Cantonese restaurant)
    Add: 5/F, Bund 18, 18 No.1 East Zhongshan Road near East Nanjing Road
    Opening Hours: Mon-Thu, 5.30pm-12.30am; Fri-Sat, 5.30pm-2.00am; Sun, 5.30pm-11.30pm (Dim Sum Brunch/Lunch: Fri-Sun, 11am-3pm; Afternoon Tea: Sat-Sun, 2.30pm-5pm)
  • Mr & Mrs Bund (French restaurant)
    Add: 6/F, Bund 18, 18 No.1 East Zhongshan Road near East Nanjing Road
    Opening Hours: Daily Dinner, 5.30pm-10.30pm (last order); Thu-Sat Late Night Supper, 11pm-2am; Brunch, Sat-Sun, 11.30am-2.30pm
  • POP (American Brasserie)
    Add: 7/F, Bund 3, 17 Guangdong Road, near No. 1 East Zhongshan Road
    Opening Hours: Daily Lunch, 11am–2pm; Afternoon Tea, 2pm–5pm; Dinner, 5pm-11pm (cocktails and desserts all day)
  • Unico by Mauro Colagreco (Latin restaurant)
    Add: 2/F, Bund 3, near No.1 East Zhongshan Road
    Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 6pm-2am, Sat-Sun: 6pm-3am
  • Bar Rouge (bar)
    Add: 7/F, Bund 18, 18 No.1 East Zhongshan Road near East Nanjing Road
    Opening Hours: Sun-Wed, 6pm-3am Thu-Sat, 6pm until late
  • The Nest (bar)
    Add: 6/F, 130 East Beijing Road near Huqiu Road
    Opening Hours: Daily, 5.30pm-1am
East Nanjing Road
Nanjing Road

Capital of commerce

Originally built in late Qing Dynasty, this place prospers itself through the national industry as well as during the concession period. Even the now and then encountered small stores for cloth, glasses or jewelries have decades of histories as domestic leading brands. These have been condensed into their neon lights that share their narratives once the night looms. They have mixed with the big department stores of decorative lighting attractions. A night ramble in this road would bring you a thumbnail for Shanghai as the capital of commerce in China.

Night markets as embellishments

What’s more, the tiny night markets for snacks and drinks are always in between those commercial buildings. Once you get off from the tour buses running on the road or would like to have a rest after a busy night search for luxury goods, these places can remind you of serenity and touchable happiness as an outsider angle.

Yu Garden and Lantern Show
Yu Garden

Private garden with lantern show in festivals

A Chinese classical private garden with more than 400 years is reviving itself as an exhibiting site for lantern show. During each year’s Spring Festival till the Lantern Festival, it delivers glorious folk culture through diversified lantern shapes, usually choosing that year’s Chinese zodiac as the thematic-it’s the best site to skim over Chinese festival bustle.

Taoist flavour mingled into the flash

Around the same site area and at the same time, the City God Temple of Shanghai also waits for your appraisal. By echoing the high-technology lantern show with original Chinese Taoism construction around, the religious glory from the site doesn’t lose its impact upon common people. There at night you can sense the harmony between the tradition and modern life, and that’s exactly the power from this national intangible cultural heritage site.

Huangpu River Night Cruise

Huangpu River Where Suzhou Creek meets Huangpu River is also where the splendid night cruise waits for you. This is the travel summary that automatically narrates once you get on the cruise.

With the Bund on the right hand while the Pudong New District on the left hand, the moving visual stimulation shining out, together with the rhythmic sound by the waves hitting the cruise, would surely carve some memorable lines on your impression, as the end of the day. This would remind you of Shanghai’s industrial origin as a port and its geographical advantage that is shared by many other metropolises in the world. If you are lucky enough, you may meet a cruise with a dragon like profile, or, with arrays of masts that imitates the ancient boats. Of course they are fully decorated with lighting systems outside although compared to it the inner buffet delicacy doesn’t lose any radiance at all.

  • Address: No.2266, Gonghexin Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai, China
  • Show Time: 19:30-21:00 daily
Era-Intersection of Time at Shanghai Circus World

era-intersection of time Reputed as the “No.1 circus in China”, Shanghai Circus World no longer “shows off” the ingenuity through the semi sphere golden exterior, but through the Era-intersection of Time, the multimedia super creative drama successfully staged for a long time.

In the middle of platform, a round glass wall reflects and in the meantime brings audience’ participation into the performance. The acrobats interact with Sinan (ancient Chinese compass), porcelain and Chinese traditional musical instruments, or, they act as if to worship or sigh with the whimsical moon shapes. All of them are focused into the glass wall, with the dark backgrounds to emphasize even the drizzle of water-one of the stage property. It’s a story slowly unfolded from the antiquity, but finally closes with the magical dance between Chinese elements and global level of technology.

  • Address: No.239 Zhongshan East Road, Shanghai, China
  • Cruise Time: 18:45, 19:30, 20:30, 20:45
People's Square

People's Square People's Square is Shanghai’s political, cultural and traffic hub. The night scene is incorporated into the landscape acting as the city’s green lung. It’s a leisure walk tour if you are bored with the Chinese largest underground commercial centre there .

Nearby Attraction: Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, Nanjing Road

  • Add: No 120, Renmian Avenue, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Suzhou Creek and its riverside

Suzhou Creek The bridges have woven the city’s yesterday, today and tomorrow together, with their scattered expansion across this mother river of Shanghai. The night view along the riverside can best grasp the city’s bygone and legend settled.

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