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Pingyao Tours

Pingyao, one of the most complete existing ancient towns in China with intact Ming and Qing -era city walls, has been reputed as a distinguished Chinese Han nationality city model, showing the integrated development of culture, society, economy and religion.

Here we carefully selected some classic one day and multi-day Pingyao tours of private and small group for you. Travel with us to explore the must-see attractions like Pingyao Ancient Town, Qiao and Wang Family mansion as well as primitive Zhangbi Castle.

All these glorious No-Shopping Pingyao tours will ensure you a satisfactory traveling experience and make your stay more memorable.

Map of Pingyao Tours sights
Pingyao Day Tours
Enjoy your in-depth and exhilarating experience in your one-day highlights Pingyao tours. Delight in your city sightseeing and take a nice walk on the city wall, appreciating the whole view of the ancient town. Discover the first private draft bank Rishengchang Draft Bank and stroll leisurely on the bustling Ming and Qing Street.
Pingyao Multi-Day Tours
These private multi-day tours take you to Pingyao Ancient Town and nearby scenic views. Not only can you see the old city’s primary landmarks, including Rishengchang Draft Bank, Ancient City Wall, Confucius Temple, Ming Qing Street, but also the folk Qiao Family Compound, Chinese Local Dwelling Art Museum: Wang Family Mansion, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Shuanglin Temple and imposing Military Fort Zhangbi Ancient Castle.
Pingyao Extended Tours
Join the following extended tours, which cater for your needs well to explore more about Pingyao and nearby attractions. You can enjoy yourself in our well-designed trips to Pingyao and Datong. If you long for more choices, our tailor-made service is available and the tour experts will respond to you within 24 hours.
Top Questions about Pingyao Tours
How many days are suggested for a tour in Pingyao?
Generally speaking, one or two nights are suggested. For one night, major attractions in the ancient town can be covered and you can also marvel at traditional Chinese folk houses by visiting Qiao Family Mansion and discover the specially walled ancient Shuanglin Temple. For 2 nights, you can go further to explore the grand Wang Family Mansion and extend to the ancient Zhangbi Castle to see the untouched village and the Defense Tunnels left from history.
What is the major transportation to travel to Pingyao?
High-speed trains are the most popular ways to get to Pingyao from Beijing and Xi’an. Thus it makes weekends available for a 2 or 3-day tour to Pingyao and it is also easy to have Pingyao included in your China tours started from Beijing. In addition, Datong where the grand Yungang Grottoes is can be also blended into your tour together with Pingyao.
Which is the best way to visit Pingyao, guided tour or individual travel?
For Pingyao, a guided tour is recommended to better explore this well preserved ancient town full of history and ancient culture. A professional tour guide will guide you through all historic sightseeings and explain to you Chinese ancient culture of laws, punishments, architectural characteristics and skills and banking system, which will make your Pingyao exploration more brilliant.