Post service

What about China post services?TOP

China post services include mail of letter, postcard, parcel not above 10 kg and printed matter not above 5 kg, postal remittances and others enacted by Postal Law of the People’s Republic of China and State Post Bureau of The People’s Republic of China.

Is post office available everywhere in China?TOP

Yes. In China, the post office with a green logo like can be found easily in each city.

What are the business hours of the post office?TOP

The business hours are from 8:00 to 18:00 seven days one week. Moreover, the post offices in remotes areas may not open on weekends.

Where can I buy an envelope?TOP

You can buy envelopes or stamps in any post office. Besides, you can also find it in some stationery shops or supermarkets. One envelope charges CNY 0.1-0.2; one stamp charges according to its face value.

Can you give some instructions about how to address a Chinese envelope?TOP

Comparing with the other countries, the Chinese envelope format is a little different. Before mailing the letter or others, you should make sure that you write address, post code and addressee correctly. Here are the instructions on how to address a Chinese envelope: first, to fill in the post code of the destination (consisting of 6 Arabic numerals) on the upper left boxes; then, to write the detailed address and name of the addressee (the address is written according to the following orders: the addressee’s country, province, city, district, street and number; name is written by following the address); third, to write the address and fill in the post code of the addresser on the bottom right with the purpose of returning the letter if it can’t be delivered or allows the addressee to reply; fourth, to stick the stamp with right face value on the upper right. It is worth noting that if you can’t write Chinese characters, you write the address and name in Pinyin, which should be correct. Bedsides, the envelope can’t be written in red.

What is the rate of mailing a domestic letter in China?TOP

It is cheap to mail a domestic letter in China. The postage is calculated according to the distance and weight of your delivery. Generally speaking, when the weight is less than 100g, the postage is CNY 0.6 if the delivery isn’t out of the same city and is CNY 0.8 if the delivery is out of the city; when the weight is more than 100g, CNY 1.2 will be added per 100g for the delivery in the same city and CNY 2 will be added per 100g for the delivery out of the city. The above postage standard refers to the ordinary mail. If you want to mail quickly, registered post is recommended but it will charge extra CNY 3 per mail.

How long is the delivery time of a domestic letter by surface?TOP

The delivery time of a domestic letter depends on the distance of the mailed letter. Normally, it takes about 5-7 days.

What is the cost of mailing a postcard?TOP

The cost of mailing a postcard is CNY 0.8 in the same city and CNY 1.2 to other cities. Besides, mailing a postcard by air is the most expensive but fastest way and charges CNY 4.5.

What if I have an urgent letter to mail?TOP

If you have an urgent letter to mail, we recommend you to mail it through EMS, which can deliver the letter or parcel within 3 days. You can choose to mail the letter in the post office or call 11185 to let the staff member come to your residence to pick up the letter or parcel.

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