Food and Dinning

I am a vegetarian; can I get my preferred food in china?TOP

China is well-known not only for its long history and splendid culture, but also for its palatable and delicate foods. The vegetarian food in China stands an important place in Chinese food culture, and mainly consists of folk vegetarian food, court vegetarian good and monastery vegetarian food. The ingredients of vegetarian food are fresh vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, taro, etc. You can easily find the vegetarian food restaurants in the major cities of China, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Xi’an, etc. If you are a vegetarian, you should let your travel agency know in advance, and then they can arrange the vegetarian food for you.

I heard that some restaurants in China have dog on the menu. Is that true?TOP

Yes, it is true. To eat dog meat only happens in certain areas of China, and is not as widespread as beef is eaten in many foreign countries. If you don’t go to those restaurants specializing in dog dish, you will not encounter dog on the menus of the normal restaurants.

Can we get vegetarian food in your tour?TOP

Yes, you can get vegetarian food in our tour packages. Muslim food and Indian Vegetarian food will be available in some big cities like Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Please indicate your personal requirement to your travel consultant in advance so that we can prepare well.

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