What is the popular entertainment in China?TOP

The popular entertainments in China include dragon dance, lion dance, operas (Peking Opera, Pingju Opera, Huangmei Opera, etc.), shadowgraph, stilt-walking, yangko dance, comic dialogue, playlet, etc.

What is the legal age to get into clubs and bars in mainland China?TOP

In mainland China, the legal age to get into clubs and bars is 18 years old or over.

Can you recommend some programmes which are available at night?TOP

When you travel to China, you can’t miss your nightlife. If you are tired after one day’s sightseeing, you can take a good rest at the hotel in order to have enough energy to continue the upcoming activities in the following days. If not, you can go to bars and cafés to relax, or go to cinema and theater to watch the wonderful movie and the distinctive performances in the local places. Before going out, if you have a tour guide, you should inquire of her or him about where to go and what to watch; if not, you can refer to the introductions of the guide book. The following things are some good performances in different cities of China. If you have sufficient time, they are absolutely worth watching.
      In Beijing: Peking Opera, Kunfu Show and acrobatic performance are recommended.
      In Xi’an: Tang Dynasty Show is the most distinctive.
      In Shanghai: Acrobatic performance and night Huangpu River cruise are stunning.
      In Guilin: The local minority nationality dance is attractive.
      In Urumqi: The Uighur dance is fascinating.
      In Hangzhou: Song Dynasty Dance and Show are wonderful.

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