North Korea Visa

Do I need a double-entry China visa?TOP

It totally depends on how long you do plan on traveling in China before or after the trip to North Korea. Under normal conditions, a double-entry China visa is required, and you'll need to apply for it by yourself. Please visit our China Visa page to get more information.

In some occasions, it is possible for visiting China with No Visa for up to 72 hours if you meet all the terms and conditions of 72-Hour Visa Free Transit.

Can I apply a 72-hour visa free transit in China?TOP

Currently passport holders of 51 countries are allowed to stay in 11 Chinese cities for 72 hours without a prior visa. But it is vital to verify that you meet all the terms and conditions of this policy, such as holding a flight ticket with specified time to another international destination from the transit city, staying in the transit city during the 72 hours, etc. For more details about it, please visit: 72-Hour Visa Free Transit.

Do I need to get a North Korea visa before visiting North Korea?TOP

All foreigners need to apply for a North Korea visa before entering North Korea except citizens of Malaysia and Singapore who visit North Korea for tourism purpose and will stay in North Korea for no more than 30 days.

Please note:

Foreigners enter North Korea under the Tourism Visa Exemption are required to provide proof of onward travel (confirmed air, train, bus or boat tickets) to leave the North Korea within 30 days of the arrival date.

How long is the validity period of a North Korea tourist visa?TOP

Normally, the North Korean visa is valid for 6 months since the issuing date. North Korea tourist visa holders are permitted to stay in North Korea for a maximum of 6 months after each entry.

When will my North Korea Visa take effect? When will it expire?TOP

A North Korea Visa takes effect from the issue date (the date printed after “The Date of Issue” on the visa) and expires on the date printed after “Enter Before” on the visa.

Should I get my North Korea visa ahead of time or apply for it in North Korea? TOP

In addition to the people who enjoy North Korea Visa Exemption, you must have a valid North Korea Visa before the entry to North Korea. will help you to apply for a North Korea Visa in the wake of booking one of the North Korea Tours and submitting relevant application documents on Alternatively, recommends applying for a visa about 1 month prior to your planned entry date to North Korea.

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