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What if I want to log onto the internet without a computer?TOP

As a matter of fact, cyber cafés are ubiquitously seen in China now. Access to the World Wide Web can be obtained at places where signboards reading 网吧 (means cyber café), hung outside. Valid personal ID would be demanded at the counter for verification and opening a temporary account. Please note that your personal information would be kept in the record just in case. After paying a certain amount of money, a receipt would be issued with an ID and password on it. Then you can find vacant PC, type in the ID and password and start surfing. Nowadays in almost all the cafés, there would be a program telling how long and how much money you've spent at the lower right corner of the screen, and reminding you through a pop up window when your balance is running low, at which point you can either log out or put more money at the counter. If there is still money left when you leave, you can also get it returned at the counter.

The rates for the service varies significantly in different cities, but mostly ranging from 2 to 5Yuan per hour, depending on condition of the PC, whether you take a private booth, smoking/non-smoking sections and so forth. Most cafés supply bottled drinks and cigarettes, sometime light meals and coffee. It is strongly not recommended to use a public PC to make payments or any kind of monetary transactions.

I am going to stay in China for a year, how can I obtain internet access in my rented place?TOP

In China, the three major mobile communication supplier, China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom are also providing broadband services. The rates for the service vary from one supplier to another, and there are a good many different packages and plans even just with one supplier, but apparently the longer you stay with one supplier, the greater the deal would be. Details can be found on the suppliers' website or by ringing the numbers listed below:

Can I access Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites while in China?TOP

Not at the moment. These websites cannot be accessed while in China, either can Youtube, Dropbox or certain other websites. For those who need to check emails in their Gmail inbox, it is advised to arrange the auto forward all emails to other account, such as hotmail, yahoo, beforehand. If the need to access such websites is not avoidable, services like Virtual Private Network (VPN), GoAgent etc would come in handy and need to be purchased. For android mobile phone, tablet and other devices, a software named Psiphon can bypass the barriers.

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