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Historical towns, passes, grottoes, and ruins, unparalleled desert beauties and exotic charms only describe a few highlights of the Silk Road. For those outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs and travelers who want an in-depth exploration of exotic far away destinations in China, enjoying a Silk Road tour with us will reap great rewards. Covering the best highlights of Xian, Dunhuang, Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan and etc., and ranging widely from the guided group or private itineraries of various durations to the tailor-made trips, all our Silk Road tours are elaborately designed and devoted to providing valuable and unforgettable vacations.

Why a Silk Road Tour

While intangible historic and cultural heritages along the Silk Road are nothing short of a miracle, there are many more reasons you'll be intrigued on a Silk Road tour:

Boasting centuries-old history, the Silk Road offers plenty of inspirations in a myriad of historical wonders. Following the footsteps of ancient merchants, those history buffs will be in luck to experience the glorious past of China.

Astounding, diverse natural landscapes are never far away on the Silk Road. Traversing multiple destinations with various geographies, a Silk Road tour will surely wow you with its ever-changing natural wonders: the barren beauty of the desert, soaring dunes and verdant oases, snow-capped mountains, serene alpine lakes, and spectacular grassland with endless blue skies are just a few of the selections.

An amazing network connecting vastly different ethnicities and religious, the Silk Road will offer visitors a fortunate encounter with various communities whose existence can be ascribed to the Silk Road and an in-depth experience of their exotic culture and lifestyle that has changed little in centuries.

Rich in various exotic flavors and aromas, the diverse regional cuisines are embedded parts of a Silk Road tour. This iconic route will embark you on a gourmet journey through hand-pulled noodles, slow-braised lamb, boiled mutton dumplings, the flat bread of Kashgar and much more.

Top Cities to Visit

With a length of over 7,000 kilometers, the Silk Road stretches over 4,000 kilometers in China, presenting one of the best ways to experience the glory of ancient China. Numerous historic heritages, thrilling desert landscapes and adventures, mysterious ruins are awaiting you. So, where do visitors travel most along the Silk Road?

Thanks to the effective feedbacks from experienced guides and former customers, we now get the answers. They are Xian, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Turpan, Kashgar, and Zhangye.

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Top China Silk Road Tours

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