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You will be able to discover a genuine North Korean experience when joining our meticulously arranged tours. All the tours start in Beijing where you will be able to experience the exotic natural scenery, impressive revolutionary monuments and sculptures of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. You will understand the everyday lives of its people, whose strong beliefs are a stark contrast compared to most tourists. Being a mysterious country with only a few thousand foreigners visiting each year, North Korea is a very good destination for tourists who are looking for an interesting, stimulating adventure.

Officially called Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea is a country sits just below China and above South Korea and takes up approximately 120,540 km². Its capital is Pyongyang which is the country's largest city by both acreage and population. Mainly features a humid continental climate, the best time to visit North Korea is from April to October. Here we provide a general introduction about this country so you can know the country better.

Located in East Asia, North Korea is positioned in the northern half of the Korean Peninsula. It borders China in the north along Amnok River, bordering Russia in the northeast along the Tumen River and South Korea along the Korean Demilitarized Zone. It is surrounded by the Japan Sea in the east and the Yellow sea in the southeast.

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Can I travel to DPRK (North Korea) By Myself? No. Tourists are not permitted to travel on their own to North Korea. You can visit the country by joining a guided tour organized by a registered tour company. On the tours you will always be accompanied by two Korean guides and one driver. What currency should I bring? And how much money should I bring with me? Euro and Chinese Yuan (RMB) are recommended, but Chinese Yuan is preferred as most shops or souvenir stores have RMB for change. Some areas in North Korea also accept US Dollars, and we will advise you of that before your departure. Please understand that foreign tourists are not allowed to use any local currency in North Korea. It's not necessary to exchange Korean Won.

In North Korea, all transactions are made in cash. You CANNOT use credit cards, and ATMS are not available. As the majority of the travelling expenses, such as hotels, meals and guides, have already been included in the tour cost, you only need to bring small change to cover the extra expenses you spend on food, bottled water and souvenirs. Generally, €250 or 2500RMB will be sufficient.
Can I Go Wherever I Want? No. Aside from the hotels where you have the freedom to roam around, the Korean guides and driver will escort you at all times to guarantee your safety there and also make sure you only visit the tourist areas approved by the DPRK government. If you want to leave the hotel and visit a place outside, you should ask your guides first.
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