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Lijiang Tours

One of China’s top tourist destinations, Lijiang is a perfect showpiece of the beautifully retained Naxi minority culture and awesome natural wonders from majestic snow peaks, pristine plateau lakes to the world’s deepest gorge.

Apart from the UNESCO-listed Lijiang Ancient Town, our Lijiang tours take in the Jade Snow Dragon Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shuhe Ancient Town, Lashi Lake, Yuhu Village, etc. to give you a full display of Lijiang’s beguiling glamour.

A range of tour options are elaborately designed for you to discover the hidden gems of Lijiang and its nearby cities. Tailor-make service ensures you make the most out of your wonderful Lijiang trip.

Map of Lijiang Tours sights
Lijiang Day Tours
Join in our Lijiang day tours to uncover what this enchanting city has to offer. Leisurely stroll on ancient alleyways in Shuhe Ancient Town soaking up its traditional laid-back vibe, marvel at the outstandingly beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and a Lijiang Impression Show, take in dramatic natural scenery in the unfathomably deep Tiger Leaping Gorge…The culture of Naxi People and awe-inspiring scenery will feast your eyes and invite you to linger on.
Lijiang Multi-day Tours
Explore the best highlights in Lijiang on our well selected multi-day tours, each with a perfect combination of unspoiled scenery and varied Naxi culture explorations, like Lijiang Ancient Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Baisha Murals, Lashi Lake, etc. You will be enthralled by how fascinating Lijiang can be through an amazing array of activities that offer you unparalleled insights into a major stop-off city on the ancient Tea and Horse Road.
Lijiang Extended Tours
Combining top attractions of Lijiang with a trip to its neighboring charming cities such as Kunming, Dali, Shangri-La, Yuanyang, Jianshui and so on, our Lijiang extended tours offer you incredible opportunities to taste the most aspects of diversely beautiful Yunnan in southwest China. Ancient towns, colorful minorities and majestic scenery from inspiring limestone formations, terraced landscape to deep gorges will guarantee a fantastic overall experience.
Top Questions about Lijiang Tours
When is the best time to visit Lijiang?
With a temperate climate, Lijiang is suitable for travelling all year round. Usually spring to autumn is the best time to enjoy the most beautiful scenery of Lijiang for the verdant trees, blossoms and blue sky. To experience minoirty festivals, you could come for the Sanduo Festival in March, Dongba Fair in April, or Torch Festival in July. Feel free to contact us for the exact dates of festival events.
What are the top recommended activites in and around Lijiang?
There are plenty of fun activities you cannot miss when travelling in Lijiang, include visiting ancient minority towns famous for its wooden houses, small canals and tradtional customs, admiring the spectaculr views of the holy Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, going for a hike or bus tour in the world's deepest gorges - Tiger Leaping Gorge, appreciating Baisha Murals fusing the cultural characteristics of different religions, soaking up Lijiang's colorful nightlife when the sun sets, and so on.
What can I do in Lijiang at night?
After a hard day of sightseeing, you may indulge in a leisure stroll on the red lantern-lit Lijiang Anceint Town for a taste of its exotic cultural flavors, or continue onto the Bar Street (Xinhua Street) filled with bars and cafes of all different styles where you can eat, drink and relax. If you are interested in traditional dance and music, the Naxi Concert Hall and Dongba Palace will be perfect options.