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Yangtze River Cruise

Discover the magnificent Yangtze River with by sailing up or down stream between Chongqing to Yichang, the most popular route of Yangtze River that incorporates ancient cultural treasures, historical sites and China’s most spectacular natural scenery like the Three Gorges, Shennong Stream, etc. in a relaxing 4-5 days voyage. All cruise ships are Luxury ones from Victoria, Century, President, Yangtze Explore and other Cruises Companies to offer the ultimate in comfort and safety. Find the perfect Yangtze River cruise and embark your once-in-a-lifetime cruise experience now!

Yangtze Cruise Map

Discover Yangtze River

A Quick View to Yangtze Cruise Companies and Ships

  • Century Cruises
  • Victoria Cruises
  • President Cruises
  • Yangtze Gold Cruises
  • Changjiang Overseas Cruises
  • Yangtze Explorer Cruise
Century Cruises Star Level Maiden Voyage Total Cabins Passenger Decks Tonnage
Century Star 2003 93 6 decks 4,255tons
Century Sky 2005 153 6 decks 8,359 tons
Century Sun 2006 153 6 decks 8,359 tons
Century Paragon 2013 196 7 decks 12,516 tons
Century Legend 2013 196 7 decks 12,516 tons

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