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Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge
Wu Gorge

Wu Gorge, also known as Big Gorge, is the downstream section of the Yangtze River to Qutang Gorge. Rather contrary to the solemnity of Qutang Gorge, the ambience along the 42-kilometer-long Wu Gorge is more tender and picturesque. It is flanked by series of soaring mountains, which are called Wu Mountain. Because of the lengthy, narrow canyon and the lingering dampness all year round, this area is most renowned for the stunning scene of clouds perennially hanging around the waist of the mountains, which can be vouched for by the widely known and quoted line by legendary poet Yuan Zhen form Tang Dynasty “除却巫山不是云”, meaning no other places’ cloud can be called cloud except the one in Wu Mountain.

Apart from that, the Twelve Summits of the Wu Mountain are as well pretty spectacular, among which the most renowned one is definitely the Shennv Summit. Shennv Summit, literally meaning sacred women, got its moniker from a boulder standing atop, whose profile resembles very much to a young girl. Just like most of the tourism attractions, Shennv Summit also has a saga behind it, which is Yao Ji, a goddess who travelled to this place one day and was devastated by the hazards brought by the flood. She decided to stay here and pray for the wellbeing for the people in the neighborhood and gradually became a boulder.

Qiufeng Pavilion is an elegant building of Chinese traditional style standing on the lush mountains of Wu gorge. Built in the song dynasty, it was then a popular gathering place for ancient literati to drink, compose poems and draw paintings. The pavilion itself also frequently appeared in many works of famous poets. Steeped in its strong cultural ambience, Qiufeng Pavilion remains a hot spot now as it offers travellers a magnificent view of the mountains and rivers.

Overall, Wu Gorge is a must-see attraction in China. Thus, visitors have good opportunities to appreciate the eye-catching scenery and feel the tranquil but grandiose atmosphere.


  • Admission Fee:
    Free. But prices for the cruise trips vary accordingly. And certain tourism attractions might require entrance fee
  • Best time to visit:
    March to May or September to November with proper temperature and eye-catching scenery
  • Recommended duration to visit:
    1 to 3 hours
  • How to get there:
    Boat ride from Chaotianmen Dock to Fengjie County takes around 7 hours

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