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Lesser Three Gorges

  • Lesser Three Gorges is a hot scenic area along the Yangtze River. Lesser Three Gorges is a hot scenic area along the Yangtze River.
  • Lesser Three Gorges is well known for the grand mountains and narrow valleys. Lesser Three Gorges is well known for the grand mountains and narrow valleys.
  • Peaceful and quiet scenery Peaceful and quiet scenery
  • Ancient plank walkway Ancient plank walkway
  • Elegant Lesser Three Gorges Elegant Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three Gorges is a tourism hot spot in the lower reaches of the Daning River. Starting from Wushan County in the south and ending in the Dachang ancient town in the north, it stretches over 50 kilometers and mainly consists of three valleys, namely Longmen Gorge (Dragon gate Gorge), Bawu Gorge (Misty Gorge) and Dicui Gorge (Emerald Gorge). Accompanied with vegetation coverage of over 20,000 acres, peculiar peaks, grotesque rocks, emerald waters, rare wild animals and historic sites, it is recognized as the wonder of China and the most beautiful scenery of the world.

If we describe the beauty of the Three Gorges with words like grand and spectacular, then the more proper words to describe Lesser Three Gorges are elegant and delicate. Compared to the magnificence of the Three Gorges, the beauty of the Lesser Three Gorges is quieter and more secluded. It is like a beautiful, shy maiden, waiting for the tourists to unveil her mysterious charm.

The three valleys of her, each owns a particular feature. The outstanding feature for Longmen Gorge (Dragon gate Gorge) is the grandness, for Bawu Gorge (Misty Gorge) is the singularity and for Dicui Gorge (Emerald Gorge) is the secludedness.

Longmen Gorge (Dragon gate Gorge)

It is the first valley of the Lesser Three Gorges, enjoying a span of about 3 kilometers. At the entrance of the valley, two steep cliffs stand opposite to each other, leaving a very narrow gap for boats to go through. The shape of the entrance looks like a gate and the difficulty to pass through it like passing through a dragon gate, that’s the name of Dragon gate Gorge.

Floating on the water surface by a boat, countless peculiar peaks and grotesque rocks along the two banks dazzle your eyes. Splashing waters and flying waterfalls add more delicacy to the valley. Remains of the ancient plank walkway, together with the flickering monkeys, mandarin ducks, and other wild animals inhabited here bring the tourists more excitements. The exit of the Gorge is the precarious Yinwo Shoal. With twisted and turned waterways, shallow shoals and turbulent waters, you will enjoy a thrilling experience like riding on a flying arrow while passing through it.

Bawu Gorge (Misty Gorge)

Passing through the Yinwo Shoal, you will enter the Bawu Gorge (Misty Gorge). It starts from the Turtle Shoal to Shuanglong, with a total length of about 10 kilometers. The valley of this span is so deep that there are always clouds and mists curling up. Stalactites stands in great numbers with various shapes along both banks, making tourists wonder whether they have strayed into a fairyland.

On the east cliff about 4 or 5 meters above the water surface, there is a hanging coffin. Researches show that it belongs to Ba People during the Warring States Period. Since the color of the coffin is as black as iron, it is also called iron coffin. And this valley is also call The Iron Coffin Gorge because of it.

Dicui Gorge (Emerald Gorge)

Dicui Gorge (Emerald Gorge) is the longest, most secluded and most elegant one of the three valleys. It starts from Shuanglong to Tujiaba, enjoying a length of 20 kilometers. The main highlights along the valley are mountain waterfall cave, cliff Buddha sculpture, Tianquan waterfall, Mianyang Shoal, Red cliff, etc. Both banks of this valley are covered by thick trees and bushes. Springs spraying out from the gap of the green vegetation, sharp peaks piercing to the skies, it is a valley that has combined the grandeur of the mountains, the delicacy and elegance of the waters. With the boat floating forward slowly, a secluded, peaceful natural art gallery unfolds gradually before the eyes of the tourists.

It has been summed up that Lesser Three Gorges enjoys six outstanding features, namely the grand mountains, the clean waters, the delicate peaks, the precarious shoals, the quiet scenery and the beautiful rocks.

Come to Lesser Three Gorges, enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscape, paddle the clean water with your hands like a kid while floating on the waterways, pick some beautiful pebbles with natural textures, make faces with the monkeys on the banks and feel the quiet, peaceful experience it brings to you.


  • Location: No. 170 Guangdongzhong Road, Wushan County, Chongqing City
  • Opening hour: 8:00 – 17:00
  • Recommend duration of visit:4 hours
  • Admission fee: 100 RMB

Travel Guide

  • Take train from Chengdu via Dachuan to Wanzhou District of Chongqing city. Take the Yangtze River speed boat to reach Wushan port.
  • Take flight to Chongqing airport, and then take speed boat to Wushan port.


  • It is pretty rainy in Lesser Three Gorges. Remember to take umbrellas or raincoats with you

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