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Xian Weather

Xian, called Changan (eternal peace) in ancient times, is located on the south-central Guanzhong Plain, lying next to Weihe River in north and nestling Zhongnan Mountain in south. Wei River provides potable water to the city. Affected by topography, Xian enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons which is characterized by hot and humid summer, cold and dry winter, windy and dry spring, cool and rainy autumn.


With the semi-humid continental monsoon climate, the annual average temperature of Xian is about 13 ℃ and the annual rainfall is ranging from 522. 4 to 719. 5 mm. Please refer to the following chart to check the monthly statistics.

Xian Climate
Four Seasons of Xian

As the geographic center of China, Xian has a moderate climate which is warmer and more humid than northern cities, like Beijing, etc., but drier and more temperate than southern cities, like Guangzhou, etc. To conclude, it is a city with pleasant climate, without strong wind in winter and fierce storms in summer.

Spring from Mar to May

Entering Mar, it brings rising of temperature, the buds bursting into green, indicating everything rouses up from sleeping. Weather during the period is not stable. Please pack slim down jacket and sweater, etc. in case for the unexpected cold-air. Normally after the Tomb Sweeping Day of Apr 5th, Xian ushers in the warm spring which is the good time for outing and traveling around. From the end of May, the city silently steps into summer.

Sakura in Spring
Sakura in Spring

Summer from Jun to Aug

Summer in Xian is hot, rainy and even muggy sometimes in Jul. Jun and Aug are just pleasant in the morning and evening with lower temperature and moisture, but the temperature may reach 37℃ at midday. The intolerant heat that occupies the city for about a week to 10 days at the end of Jul, is always ended by a heavy rain. Then Xian enters into the less hot Aug. Sunglasses, sunscreen and sun-protection are highly recommended to be taken with during the season.

City Wall in Sunshine
City Wall in Sunshine

Autumn from Sep to Nov

As like spring, autumn is a transition season as well, by spells of sprinkles. Actually, from the end of Aug, it is feasible to explore the city for the moderate weather which is even cooler than Beijing. Until Oct, Xian has put on the dense autumn atmosphere with stable weather and colorful leaves, etc. A thin coat is necessary to defense the big temp difference between morning and evening.

Red Leaves in Autumn
Red Leaves in Autumn

Winter from Dec to Feb

Winter in Xian is cold and seldom rainy and snowy. Jan is the coldest month of the year with the average low temperature of about -3.5℃. Occasionally, the lowest temp is down to -8℃, while the daily highest temp is still above 0℃. As you may know, the air quality could be affected by smog and haze sometimes in this season. Therefore just in case, you are highly suggested to bring a mask during the period.

=Mt. Hua in Winter
Mt. Hua in Winter
Best Seasons for Traveling Xian

Traveling to Xian is for the many places of interests. As mentioned, in terms of climate, Xian is a place suitable to visit in each season. While spring and autumn are more comfortable with pleasant temperature to see Terracotta Warriors and Horses, City Wall, Great Mosque and Shaanxi History Museum, etc. In addition, enjoying some natural sights like the verdant and flowery Mt. Hua and Cuihua Mountain, etc. in the easeful seasons is more refreshed and highly recommended.

  • Great Mosque
  • Big Wild Goose Pagoda
  • World Horticulture Exposition

Another good reason for tourists to see Xian in autumn is the various local fruits during Sep to Nov. The expected grapes, pomegranates, apples, pears, kiwifruits, walnuts and chestnuts are gradually coming to the market during the period. Please just take a chance to try the fresh tastes.

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