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Xian Nightlife

Xian, as a famous tourist city in China, impresses visitors through the classical historical marks in daytime and the vibrant fascinated colors at night. With extensive experience of welcoming tourists all over the world, Xian provides various recreational places to satisfy a whole range of taste and tempos and offers a fine example of how the ancient civilization blended very well with the modern culture.

Please follow us to go over the most recommended and comprehensive places for night activities in Xian. You may have some more ideas before going there.

Night View & Shows

This part is highly suggested to the shutterbugs and people interested in walking around to appreciate the sights at night. The gleaming squares of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Bell & Drum Tower, and Xian City Wall provide the most famed night views in Xian.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda Square

Centered by the landmark of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, the square is decorated by vegetation cover, folk characters and antique style buildings around, and divided into northern and southern parts. The highlight is the large music fountain on northern square with blazing lights at night. The beautiful wonder of water splashing in the rhythm of the popular music just brings vigor and refreshment. When the water mist withdrew, the imposing Big Wild Goose Pagoda comes into the sight to be the main character of the dark.

PLEASE NOTE the fountain show times are different in summer and winter. Please pay attention to the official notice about it before go.

  • Bell Tower
  • Music Fountain
  • Drum Tower

Bell and Drum Tower Square

Bell Tower is sitting in the center point of Xian City, surrounded by the busy bend road. While Drum Tower is set in a quiet location of facing in the northwest corner. Bell and Drum towers with lights at night are more brilliant and mesmerizing than in daytime. When the bell tolls, you can imagine standing in the city as it was centuries ago.

PLEASE NOTE there is a small square between the Bell and Drum towers, which is an ideal place to catch the best angle.

Ancient City Wall

From Sui and Tang dynasty, Xian ancient City Wall protected the city and its people in peace and serenity. The magnificent city wall can be easily recognized by the neon lights setting on the basis of the crenels shape. The city gates and the towers above express a very good sense of times under the lights. Against the inverted image of the city wall in the moat, local people are singing, dancing and walking at the foot of the wall.

PLEASE NOTE standing on the top of the city wall is a good point to view the city. If you are interested, we suggest climb up from the south gate cause it is closed until 22:00.

For charming night view shootings, Qujiang Lake Park and Tang Paradise Park are all highly recommended for ancient style buildings, bridges, lakes with glowing neon displays.

  • City Wall
  • Tang Music and Dance
  • Tang Paradise

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show

As the political and economic center of Tang Dynasty, Xian boasts Tang culture as much as possible. So you will find the most favorable places to appreciate the grand and royal show. Tang Dynasty music and dance is the top level of China’s ancient dancing art which is featuring in gorgeous palace style. Please click here for details about the recommended theatres.

Popular Bars and Pubs

The pubs culture of the ancient Xian City is not that developed and diverse as that in Beijing or Shanghai. While it doesn’t indicate that Xian is quiet at night. Experiencing the history of the city in daytime and drinking at night in the bar as a localness are the most real touch of the city. When night falls and lights on, another new start of the ancient city life starts from the bar streets.

Defu Xiang (德福巷)

It is actually an ancient lane from Sui and Tang Dynasty, located next to Xiangzi Miao Street inside the South Gate. Defu Xiang, with years of history as the most famed bar street in Xian, is comparable with the Sanlitun and Shichahai bar streets in Beijing. It is a glamorous reflection of the ancient culture and modern atmosphere of the city.

  • OLD HENRY’S BAR (老亨利酒吧)
    Add: Defu Xiang, Nan Dajie
    Tel: 029-87276212
  • RHYTHM BAR (节奏酒吧)
    Add: No. 26, Defu Xiang
    Tel: 029-81078913

Xinle Hui (新乐汇)

Sitting on the south of the Southern Square of Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xinle Hui Bar Street is a new comer, but much popular among young people.

  • Lan Kwai Fang (兰桂坊)
    Add: No. 26, Defu Xiang
    Tel: 029-81078913
  • Times Bar (时光)
    Add: No. A2-2, Xinle Hui, Grand Tang Dynasty Ever-bright City
    Tel: 13087590263
  • Loren Pub
  • Lan Kwai Fang

Shuncheng Xiang (顺城巷)

Shuncheng Xiang is an alley along the root of the city wall inside South Gate. Another side of the alley is the antique style architectures, where some special cultural style bars and pubs are hiding in.

    Add: No. 2, West Shucheng Xiang, inside South Gate
    Tel: 029-87258593
  • Near Wall Bar (泥窝窝)
    Add: Xiangzi Miao Youth Hostel, Shuncheng Nanlu Xiduan
    Tel: 029-87219663
  • 那是丽江火塘酒吧
    Add: No. 3, Shuncheng Xiang
    Tel: 18706767107

Tianpin Xian at the West Park around the City Wall (环城西苑天品西岸)

The street is located inside the West Park around Xian City Wall, close to the city moat, with very relaxing environment and outdoor seats along the water.

  • Loren Pub (月桂酒吧)
    Add: southern side of the front entrance for Tianpin Xian
    Tel: 029-84491983
Night Market

Muslim Quarter

Experiencing the night market is the most direct way to know the city. With the very convenient location in city center area, Muslim Quarter is taken as the most famed night market in Xian for both Muslim food and small souvenirs. Various stalls along the street under bright lights and shouts of selling are more lively than in the daytime, which is telling the real life of local people. You can try some Muslim snacks, purchase specialties and bargain for the handcrafts here.

  • Local snack
  • Muslim Food
  • Muslim Quarter

Besides, Nanshao Men Night Market, Dongxin Jie Night Market and Baishulin Night Market are all highly recommended for local Han style food.

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