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Youpomian is a very representative noodle dish of the Shaanxi area, northern China.

Noodle made from wheat flour has been the stellar food for people of northern China for over two thousand years, therefore a good many different ways of cooking the noodles have been invented along the years. Youpomian can be loosely translated as “oil splash noodle” into English, which is a rather accurate description to the dish. The preparation of the dish is rather simple. Boil the noodle in the water for several minutes, and then place them in a big bowl, and also place on top the chopped spring onion, grinded Sichuan pepper, salt, red chili, vinegar, ginger, garlic, soy sauce and any other ingredients according to personal flavor. Then boil the oil (usually rapeseed oil or other type of vegetable oil) in a pot to an extremely high temperature till there is smoke coming out of it, then quickly splash the oil onto the noodles, then the dish is ready to be served. When consume, the noodle and all ingredients in the bowl need to be mixed well first.

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