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Top Things to Do in Shangri-La

First appeared in James Hilton’s Lost Horizon in 1939, Shangri-La, known as the “Alpine Big Garden” and “Kingdom of Plants and Animals”, still remains mysterious as the venerated world of Tibetan culture with its unique traditions. The beauty of snow-capped mountains, valleys, grasslands, lakes, primitive forests and ethnic customs has attracted numerous tourists to escape from the bustle and hustle of city life. Here we’ve hand-picked some top Shangri-La experiences that you should not miss and enjoy your trip to the utmost.
Discover Potatso National Park
Potatso National Park

As an important part of the world natural heritage - “Three Rivers Flow” Scenic Area, Potatso National Park is a real fairytale world where a mix of pastures, meadows, original forests, lake and pure blue sky intoxicates you with pristine highland beauty and refreshes your mind from daily chaos.

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From blooming flowers in alpine meadow to snow-capped blue lakes, from green mountains to colorful forests, the original Potatso is also a paradise for shutterbugs to capture the most intriguing photos and record the beauty of the nature.

Explore the charm of Potatso National Park in:
1 Day - Group Day Tour to Shangri-La
8 Days - Classic Yunnan Tour to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La

Visit the Holy Land of Songzanlin Monastery
Songzanlin Monastery

Firstly built in 1679 AD, Songzanlin Monastery, also named Little Potala Palace, is the largest Tibetan Buddhist temple complex in Yunnan Province. Paying a visit to this solemn holy land, you are provided with a good chance to appreciate the magnificent Tibetan buildings and exquisite Buddhist treasures. The travel-stained pious pilgrims that came from distant places to worship in an endless stream best illustrates the holiness of the Songzanlin Monastery.  

Travel with Songzanlin Monastery in:
5 Days - Best of Lijiang with Shangri-La Wonderland
11 Days - Classic Yunnan including Yuanyang Terraced Fields and Jianshui Ancient Town

Enjoy the Leisurely Stroll Time in Dukezong Ancient Town
Dukezong Ancient Town

Built according to the Shangrila utopia in Buddhist scriptures, Dukezong in Tibetan means “the castle built on stones” and “the moonlight town”, which indicate the uneven stone path condition and beautiful night scene of the town. Wandering in the ancient town and appreciating original Tibetan culture, you will be captivated by the giant prayer wheel and other distinctive Tibetan architectures.

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Enjoy yourself by joining the Tibetans square dance on moonlight square in evening when people in a circle dance freely and happily in accompaniment of traditional folk music, showing their hospitality and good wishes for tourists.

Dig Deep into the Tibetan Culture
visit Tibetan families

As an integral part of ethnic cultures of Shangri-La, Tibetan culture is the witness of cultural communication and vicissitudes of long history happened in this ancient land where you can learn more about Tibetan culture and get inner peace from the noisy city life. Following us to visit the hand-picked Tibetan families, you will be invited to walk into their houses and have a close communication with these unsophisticated people and little kids; you should not miss the chance to have a better understanding of their colorful cultures and traditions. The passionate Tibetan performance and mellow wine will offer you an unforgettable experience.

Indulge with Delicious Local Cuisines
Yak meat hot pot

Shangri-La is not only a tourist destination, but also a paradise for gourmands. Walk into a small chophouse along the road, you are recommended to sample the popular buttered tea and aromatic highland barley wine; or you could delve  into the local cuisines such as Yak meat hot pot, Tsampa (roasted highland barley-flour dish), Pickled vegetable soup, Tricholoma matsutake food and other dairy products which will make you salivating and drooling. It’s also a good time to experience the local people’s life and learn some interesting anecdotes.

Useful information are available at Shangri-La Food & Restaurant.

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