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shanghai top things bund

Top Things to Do in Shanghai

Not sure what to do in Shanghai? Known as "Paris of the Orient", Shanghai actually has plentiful treasures - its traditional Old Town, classic gardens, museums, parks, colonial neighborhood, shopping avenues and delicious food, not to mention the iconic Bund with unparalleled skyline of Shanghai. The exciting city is a vibrant melting pot of cultures, allowing you to feast both the traditional and the modern, the old and the new. Slow down and savor a trip through Shanghai’s unique charm.
Enjoy Shanghai’s Waterfront - The Bund
The Bund

The Bund is the symbol of Shanghai with its landmark colonial buildings. Contrasting strikingly to Pudong’s skyscrapers across the river, this picturesque waterfront affords a pleasant stroll along the city’s classic skyline views all the way to Nanjing Road, a shopper’s paradise flanked by international boutiques.

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Come here at night when buildings are all aglow with lights to showcase glamorous night vista. Not only that, the best nightlife in Shanghai takes places here. Lounge at a rooftop bar soaking up the credible cityscape with a cocktail - this is definitely one of the best ways to spend your night in Shanghai.

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Explore Shanghai Old Town - Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar
Yuyuan Garden
yuyuan bazaar

A trip to Shanghai must take in Yuyuan Garden area where you can find the original styles and features of Shanghai Old Town.

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Dating from the Ming Dynastic in the 16th century, Yuyuan Garden remains a haven of traditional beauty amidst the old city. A maze of pavilions, halls, corridors, rockeries, pools and zigzag bridges will get you fascinated by its elegant Ming-era garden style. Also don’t miss the bustling bazaar surrounding the garden. With a ton of shops, it is lots of fun to wander around and discover handmade crafts, local snacks as well as antique buildings filling the commercial hubbub an old-time feel.

Taste Shanghai Modern Lifestyle in Xintiandi

A popular hang-out place for foreigners and expats, Xintiandi is characterized by its traditional Shikumen buildings filled with trendy bars, cafes, boutiques, art galleries and fine restaurants, showcasing a very charming mix of Shanghai’s nostalgia and stylish modernity.

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Roam down narrow alleys to appreciate 1930s architectures, find your favorite crafts or enjoy some leisurely coffee time with friends. This area is also a pretty party place that wakes up still late night, with some of Shanghai’s best bars to unwind and relax.

Also capture traditional Shanghainese life in Shanghai Longtang alleyways .

Witness Vibrant Shopping Scene of Nanjing Road
Nanjing Road

Equivalent of New York’s Fifth Avenue, Nanjing Road is quite the place for shoppers, with historic stores, upscale shopping malls, designer shops and retail outlets forming the bulk of choice. The busiest shopping place in Shanghai, or even across China, Nanjing Road still retains its colonial-era edifices detailing the street’s long history. Even for non-shoppers, it makes an interesting place to roam down and get a feel of Shanghai’s vibrant shopping scene that has flourished for decades.

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Sample Shanghai's Savory Food
shanghai food

The China's most cosmopolitan city is a foodie’s paradise. Its native Benbang cuisine, with a particular emphasis in exquisite look and original flavor, are enough to make you mouthwatering, from sour and sweet ribs to steamed hairy crab, sliced cold chicken and ribs with rice cakes. More amazingly, there is one of China’s most vibrant street food scenes awaiting! Head to Wujiang Road, you can revel in an amazingly broad scope of delicious and wallet-friendly small eats - Shanghai’s famous pan-fried buns, soup dumplings, sweet green rice ball and many more.

Head to a nearby Watertown

Beautiful water towns just outside Shanghai are relaxing weekend getaways. Easily accessible on a one-hour drive, Zhujiajiao is a favorite option for its classical water town scenery dating back to more than 1700 years ago, making you feel like you’re transported to the old times of China.

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Or drive farther to Zhouzhuang, Tongli or Wuzhen, some of China’s most famous water towns, where you can immerse yourself in a dreamy world of picturesque canals, cobblestone alleyways, wood-paneled houses, interesting folk customs as well as old lifestyle that remained unchanged over the centuries. Also read Top 8 Must-visit Ancient Towns Around Shanghai.

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Visit Shanghai Disneyland Park
Shanghai Disneyland Park

The first Disney Park in mainland China, Shanghai Disneyland Park is actually worth a visit for an “authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese experience”. Featuring six themed lands, it is packed with thrilling adventures for everyone. Not to mention many “firsts” in Disney parks. For instance, Enchanted Story Book Castle is the tallest and most attractive Disney castle. Alice in Wonderland Maze is the first attraction in a Disney park with the theme of Alice in Wonderland film.

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