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Shanghai Shopping

Enjoying the fame of Oriental Paris, Shanghai is an ideal shopping paradise which could be parallel with Hong Kong. As one of the most developed and prosperous metropolises of China, Shanghai boasts a great number of commercial streets, malls and bazaar markets ready for a shopping spree of shopaholics. No matter for high-fashion silk clothing, fancy antique gadgets or souvenir gifts, Shanghai will enchant you with its thriving shopping destinations, such as the busiest Nanjing Road, hustling Huaihai Road, Yuyuan Bazaar, Tianzifang and some department stores like Plaza 66 and Hualian.

Top 4 Souvenirs to Bring Home
1. Silk Products

Shanghai SilkChinese silk has been popular worldwide since thousands of years ago, and Shanghai could be regarded as an origin place of high-class silk. If you travel to Shanghai, one of the must-buys is silk products, such as silk cape, scarf, pajamas and handkerchief. Smooth, light and trendy always, Chinese silk will add extra elegance to you.

  • Best place to buy silk products in Shanghai: Silk King (Zhensi Shangsha)
    Add: No. 136 East Nanjing Road
2. Cheongsam (Qipao)

Shanghai CheongsamCheongsam is traditional Chinese clothes for women, which is just like the evening dress for westerners. Cheongsam is quite popular in modern Shanghai, and even every Shanghai woman has at least one cheongsam in their wardrobes. If you want to take the most authentic Shanghai souvenir home, cheongsam should be on the top of your shopping list. At Changle Road and Maoming Road, you can find a variety of time-honored cheongsam stores, where tailor-made cheongsams are available.

  • Changle and Maoming Cheongsam Streetcan be reached by subway line 1 and line 13.
3. Pearl and Jade Jewelry

Pearl and JadeIn Shanghai, you can shop quite exquisite jade and pearl jewelry with authentic Chinese characteristics. If you are eager to buy some pearl ear rings, necklaces, or jade bracelets as well as pendants, Yuyuan Bazaar around the Old City God Temple (Lao Chenghuangmiao) would offer you wide selections.

  • Yuyuan Bazaar
    Add: No. 288, Fuyou Road (subway line 10 leads to the Yuyuan Garden)
4. Artifacts: Fan, Wood & Bamboo Carving

Shanghai Bamboo CarvingFancy artifacts are also worthy bringing home as gifts for families or friends. Near most attractions of Shanghai, you could easily find traditional Chinese folding paper fans, or round silk fans as well as some small gadgets like wood and bamboo carving works in souvenir stores. For a better price, you could hang out at Yuyuan Bazaar for these knickknacks.

The Most Visited Shopping Places in Shanghai
Nanjing Road ---- The Busiest Pedestrian Street with Tax Refund Stores
Shanghai Nanjing Road

Nanjing Road, reputed as the first commercial street of China, is definitely a must-see for travelers home and abroad. With history of over 100 years, this 1200-meter-long pedestrian street is the most bustling shopping area of Shanghai, clustered with both old time-honored shops and modern chic stores. Age long architectures are arrayed on the both sides of the narrow lanes, with booming shopping malls in bustling business. Every visitor could find the commodities that they are looking for. Especially for foreign travelers, most tax refund stores of Shanghai are gathered in this street.

Recommended Malls and Shops at Nanjing Road

  • Plaza 66
    Add: No. 1266, West Nanjing Road
  • New World Department Store
    Add: No. 2-88, West Nanjing Road
  • Hualian Department Store
    Add: No. 340, East Nanjing Road
  • Laofengxiang Jewelry Store
    Add: No. 432, East Nanjing Road
  • Hengdali Clock & Watch Store
    Add: No. 772, East Nanjing Road
Huaihai Road ---- Shopping Quarter for International Luxury Boutiques
Shanghai Huaihai Road

Different from Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road is characterized by its high-end fashion, attracting a great number of young people for fashion hunting. Wandering at this street, one may feel like viewing a live fashion show. If you are a shopaholic for upmarket boutiques, Huaihai Road densely boasts world famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Channel and Hermes catering to your upscale tastes.

  • PCD Stores
    Add: No. 939, Middle Huaihai Road
  • Hong Kong Plaza
    Add: No. 282-283, Middle Huaihai Road
  • Lippo Plaza
    Add: No. 222, Middle Huaihai Road
  • Lane Crawford
    Add: No. 99, Middle Huaihai Road
Yuyuan Bazaar ---- An Open-air Market for Antiques, Artifacts & Gadgets
Yuyuan Bazaar

Adjacent to Yu Garden, Yuyuan Outdoor Bazaar is a hustling open-air market for dazzling souvenirs and handicrafts, where the most special Chinese gadgets can be found. The bazaar is scattered with antique stores, tea houses, snack vendors, opera theaters and clothes shops, and the most recommended things to buy include calligraphy works, wood carvings, jade wares and porcelain.

  • Add: No. 288, Fuyou Road (subway line 10 leads to the Yuyuan Garden)
Shanghai Yatai Clothing and Gifts Market ---- Price-Bargaining Flea Market

Shanghai A. P. PlazaBeneath the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Station nestles the largest subway flea market, Shanghai Yatai Clothing and Gifts Market. It enjoys high popularity among tourists because of various fake branded goods, such as clothing, watches, bags, shoes, belts, hats and handicrafts. Tourists cannot only have a shopping spree for low-priced commodities, but also able to bargain over the price with the shop owners.

  • Add: No. 2002, Century Avenue, under the Kejiguan subway station of line 2
Xintiandi ---- One-Stop Shopping Center with Eateries and Leisure
Shanghai Xintiandi

Built on the basis of the original ruins of Shikumen Residence, Xintiandi is a one-stop complex of shopping, dining, retail and entertainment. Modern trendy clothing stores, ornament shops and fancy restaurants echo with the antique architectures. A favorable shopping experience could be obtained by exploring the historical glamour of old Shanghai.

  • Add: Lane 123 Xingye Road, Luwan District
Tianzifang ---- Creative Artworks & Ornaments

Tianzifang is an artistic quarter for shopping and café, where the original old-style residences are well preserved. Clustered with bars, restaurants and cafés, Tianzifang also showcases a lot of fancy stores, workshops and galleries operated by artists from all over the globe. Wandering in narrow allies, you can select a variety of creative artworks and ornaments, such as traditional Chinese seal, ink paintings of landscape, calligraphy works, mini sculptures, etc.

  • Add: No. 210 Lane, Taikang Road
Shanghai Disney Store

Shanghai Disney StoreLocated at Lujiazui, the largest Disney retail store in the world stands next to the Oriental Pearl Tower. The store houses several themed zones, including Marvel comics, Mickey and Minnie Mousses, Disney princess dolls, etc. If you travel with kids, this Disney store should not be missed as a shopping stop of your Shanghai tour.

  • Add: No.180 Fenghe Road (about 600 meters to the Exit 1 of Lujiazui Station of subway line 2)

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