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Top Things to Do in Pingyao

Pingyao Ancient Town, a UNESCO listed heritage site with more than 2,700 years history, earns its reputation by well-preserved Ancient City Wall, big families' compounds, and ancient folk dwellings in traditional Ming and Qing style. But the Ancient Town's appeal does not lie only in its ancient architectural treasures. It is also the best place to experience the long-flourishing Shanxi Business Culture in Qing Dynasty. Old-style private banks, ancient security guard companies, and the various existing shops scattered among the Ancient Town are all witnesses to the past commercial glory.
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Planning a Pingyao Tour? Please read ahead to get inspired by our list of top things to do.
Walk on the Ancient City Walls

Dating from 1370 (in early Ming Dynasty), Pingyao Ancient City Wall is among the four most well-preserved city walls in China. Some reparation has been carried out because of collapse, yet its main part still remains original; the crenels, watchtowers, as well as the exquisite structure and design all keep the premier style of Ming Dynasty. So it makes sense that the City Wall is an ideal choice to explore ancient China’s wisdom on architecture.

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With a height of 10-12 meters, the Wall offers travelers a panoramic view of the Ancient Town. Local real-life scenarios will be clearly displayed when glancing down into the Ancient Town from the Wall.

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Explore dwellings of Ming and Qing Dynasties

When strolling around the Ancient Town, one will be easily attracted by the numerous roadside dwellings. Dating from Ming and Qing Dynasties, these dwellings are still inhabited now and show travelers a vivid picture of folk daily life in that ancient period.

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In Ming and Qing Dynasties, the economic boom of Pingyao has led to many rich families who are more fastidious about residences. Buildings here were more recherché combining carving art, geomancy theories (Fengshui in Chinese) with common houses, and thus are identified as representative of China’s architecture art.

Step into the historic County Government Office, draft banks, and security guard companies

As the iconic landmarks of Pingyao, these three historic sites will enable tourists to explore the glorious past and culture of this Ancient Town.

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The County Government Office, with more than 660 years history, will show you how the ancient government worked. A visit to the Draft Bank will let you witness the previous commercial glory in Qing Dynasty and ups and downs of ancient private banks. The Security Guard Company, once responsible for security of large amount of cash moving from one place to another, will display you various tools once used in guarding transportation, and tell you the important role it played in economic development.

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Sample some Pingyao beef

To taste delicious local snacks can be one of the most enjoyable parts of traveling. When in Pingyao, the locally favored Pingyao beef, of course, should be listed on any itinerary plan.

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This kind of stewed beef was said to be the tribute to royal family and with their high evaluation of appetizing ruddy color and tender taste in Qing Dynasty. Now, it is offered in nearly all restaurants of the Ancient Town, making an easy touch with this legendary delicacy.

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Wander in alleys of the Ancient Town at night

As the sun sets, the Ancient Town transforms into a colorful display of neon lights and traditional lanterns. Its relative quietness and unique antique atmosphere will make a worthwhile night trip for those who want to leave stress and problems behind.

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It is awesome by just leisurely strolling around the quiet alleys, and exploring the characteristic shops. If you wish, a group of small bars are also available for listening to the music and having a drink.

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