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Top Things to Do in Lijiang

Lijiang, famed for its lazy charm in a romantic temperament, is a splendid blend of ancient and modern. From superlative landscapes, historic relics, minority folk customs to unique bar culture, it offer so much to explore.
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As the old saying goes, one thousand readers, there are one thousand Hamlets. What seems certain here is that Lijiang offers more surprises to those who have respect and love in life.
Trek through Tiger Leaping Gorge
Tiger Leaping Gorge

As one of the deepest gorges in the world with landscapes of breathtaking grandeur, Tiger Leaping Gorge is always an ideal destination for hiking.

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Sandwiched between two snow-capped mountains Jade Dragon and Haba, the water roars its way through seven sharp drops with the elevation changing from 2670 to 1,000 meters. Trekking through the upper, middle and lower gorges, you will find your eyes fully filled with the vivid pictures capturing the distant shadow of snow-capped mountains, steep cliffs cutting into the sky, glittering waterfalls under sunlight, raging river slamming into giant rocks or smoke curling up from the kitchen chimney in a local village.

Explore the glamor of Tiger Leaping Gorge in:
Private Tour of Lijiang & Tiger Leaping
Private Hiking Tour to Tiger Leaping Gorge

Conquer Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is a holy mountain to all nationalities in Lijiang, especially Naxi Minority who believes that the snow mountain is the embodiment of their patron saint "Sanduo God".

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At an altitude of 5596 meters, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is blessed with 13 peaks capped with snow all year round.In addition to the captivating landscapes combing the essences of subtropical, temperate and boreal zones, you may also enjoy a live-action performance "Impression Lijiang", which is performed by more than 500 locals from 10 ethnic minorities in the background of the mountain.

Tours options for Jade Dragon Snow Mountain:
Essence of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
Classic Lijiang

Encounter Ancient Towns & Village
Lijiang Ancient Town

Lijiang Ancient Town is a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site of antique beauty, where you could step into the minority life and loaf around at the bar street; Baisha Ancient Town retains the oldest architecture Naxi Minority and Baisha Murals that integrates the essences of different religious cultures and art schools in China; Shuhe Ancient Town records the transition of Naxi ancestors from farming civilization to commercial civilization, which is reflected in residential housings, Sifang Street, Qinglong Bridge, Jiuding Dragon Pool and other attractions; In Yuhu Village, you cannot miss the Rock Joseph's Former Residence, where you could see precious photos and personal items of the American Austrian explorer who contributed to the preservation of Naxi Culture during his 27 years'stay here.

Some inspirations for planning your Lijiang tour with ancient towns:
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Delve into Naxi Minority
Dongba Culture
Naxi People

Residing in Lijiang Naxi Autonomous County, Naxi people are most famed for their mysterious Dongba culture well preserved in Dongbaism.

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Composed of characters, paintings, music, dances, instruments and a variety of rituals, Dongba culture has infiltrated into every aspect of Naxi people's daily life and influenced the development of their national spirit.Pay a visit to Dongba Palace located in Lijiang Ancient Town, where you are provided with a good chance to explore the glamor of Dongba culture, especially the performance of Naxi Ancient Music and traditional folk dances.

Immerse in Unique Bar Culture
Lijiang Bar Street

Bar-hopping has become a unique culture in Lijiang, also an indispensable part to explore the most of the amazing city.

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The night of Lijiang Ancient Town is a flowing river of music for boasting the majority of bars in the whole city. Here, you could indulge yourself in a fashionable bustling bar to escape from the chaos of daily life, but quiet exotic bars featuring in minority folk customs are strong recommended for your killing time drinking over the original songs performed by local singers, and talking about life, ideals with friends you've just known.The night of Lijiang Ancient Town is a flowing river of music, cheerful and quiet.

Hot bars are selected for you to indulge in an amazing Lijiang Nightlife.

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