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Top Things to Do in Kunming

Kunming is an enchanting city where lush vegetation and blossoming flowers adorn the streets all year round, delicious snacks gather an overwhelming variety of flavors and ethnic cultures display more captivating diversity.
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Most intriguingly, Kunming still retains a laid-back atmosphere despite its crowd-drawing scenery and climate. Leave the chaos of modern life behind and relax in the leisure city. You can’t help slowing down your pace and falling under its spell.
Wander around the Stone Forest
Stone Forest

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Stone Forest boasts one of the world’s best karst landscapes, where blade-like limestone pillars, many over 10m tall, thrust into the air and create a maze-like forest comprising 1100 square kilometers of dramatic stone peaks, columns, lakes, waterfalls, underground rivers and caves.

A few hours’ drive away from Kunming, Dongchuan Red Land and Yuanyang Rice Terraces, which are among the top Yunnan photography destinations, are well worth a visit for their awe-inspiring landscapes.

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Take in Local Culture at the Flower & Bird Market
Flower & Bird Market

One of local people’s favorite haunt, the Flowers and Birds Market is not to be missed on your travel list of experiencing Kunming’s local culture. With a colorful display of flowers and plants, tropical fish, birds, antiques and traditional handicrafts, the market is filled with a vibrant atmosphere, in which you can peek into the daily life of locals. Hidden in the historic block of Kunming, it amazes you with well-kept buildings bringing back the nostalgia of her yesteryears.

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Enjoy Leisure Time in Green Lake Park
Green Lake Park

The Green Lake Park is praised as a glittering emerald in Kunming for its enchanting scenery. Head here in the morning, you could see locals singing, dancing and practicing Tai Chi. The tranquil beauty highlighted by emerald lakes, luxuriant trees and old-style pavilions makes a stroll around the park a pleasant experience.

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Also, your eyes will be feasted by thousands of red-beaked seagulls migrating to the park every winter. See these adorable gulls flying in the blue sky, frolicking on the water and scrambling for food from tourists; the unique winter spectacle will add tremendous fun to your visit.

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Sample Local Delicacies
Kunming Food

With a plethora of mouthwatering delicacies gathering all distinctive flavors of Yunnan, Kunming promises an unmatched choice of eating experiences, from the amazing variety of Cross the Bridge Rice Noodle to hawker-style food like roasted er’kuai, old granny’s yam, wild mushroom hotpot, etc.

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In Kunming, food street is always your first choice to enjoy mixing with locals and experience something traditional. There’s also a fine list of heritage-themed restaurants where you can indulge in sophisticated environment and great culinary delight.

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Discover Colorful Minority Culture
Colorful Minority Culture

Kunming is home to dozens of ethnic minority groups, including Yi, Bai, Dai, Naxi and Tibetan. So travelling to Kunming, you are provided with a good chance to experience a kaleidoscope of ethnic customs and traditions.

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An ideal place to go is the Yunnan Ethnic Village located by the Dian Lake, housing natural villages of 26 ethnic groups in Yunnan where you can explore a variety of minority architectures, folk cultures, costumes, music, songs, dances, lifestyles and religious beliefs. So fascinating is the integration that it is praised as a microcosm of Yunnan’s colorful ethnic culture.

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