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Top Things to Do in Hotan

Hotan, literally meaning "place yields jades" in Tibetan language, is an important oasis town in the southern most end of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. As the name suggests, Hotan is famous for its jades. Both the quality and the quantity of the jades yielding here ranks top of China. These raw jade materials used to be transported to Central China and carved into various exquisite jade crafts. Many of them have been housed in China's National Palace Museum.
Situated in the central part of Tarim Basin, it lies in the north side of the lofty Kunlun Mountain, bordering Bayangol Mongol Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang Province in the east and Kashgar Prefecture in the west. The north side of the town penetrates deeply into the Taklamakan Desert. The whole town covers an area of 247,800 square kilometers, stretching 670 kilometers from east to west and 600 kilometers from south to north.
Hotan is located within the warm temperature zone. The lofty Pamir Plateau and Tianshan Mountain in the west and north sides block the cold air blowing from Siberia, and the Kunlun Mountain and Karakoram in the south side set a natural barrier to the warm, humid air flowing from the Indian Ocean, forming a typical extremely arid desert climate. The precipitation is scarce here, while sunshine is abundant. It has four distinct seasons. Summer is hot and short, while winter is cold and long. Temperature difference between day and night is very big. However, it is still the warmest area in Xinjiang Province.
Hotan located historically at the southern branch of the Silk Road, which was an important channel for the communication between China and the Central Asia. As one of the silk capitals, the place has a long history of planting mulberry trees and breeding silkworms. The fame remains today. Multitudes of exquisite silk products manufactured here have been sold to various places of the world and well received by foreign customers.
Must-see Attractions
  • Amanishahan Tomb, a part of the great mosque; unique design in Islamic style; the tomb for Amanishahan, an outstanding poetess and musician.
Recommended Restaurants in Hotan
Rose Grille (Meiguihua Kaorou Restaurant)
  • Sitting under the grape trellis, one can smell the aroma and taste the sweet of the grapes
  • Specializing the authentic local small eats and the specialty-Roasted Whole Lamb
  • It is a good place for families and friends, eating and chatting
Location: No.737 Yingbin Road, Hotan
Special Dishes: Roasted Whole Lamb, Corn Rice, Baked Steamed Stuffed Bun, etc.
Average cost per person: CNY180 /USD28
Chunkaoluyu Themes Restaurant
  • Spacious dining hall is adorned with creative wallpapers and unique decorations
  • Serving the authentic grilled fish topped with various spices
  • Offering warm services
Location: 1F of Shuili Building, No.171 Urumqi North Road (Beside the Yuyuan Hotel), Hotan
Special Dishes: Special Grilled Fish
Average cost per person: CNY50/USD8
KRORAN Restaurant
  • Offering comfortable dining environment as well as hospitable services
  • Specializing in authentic and delectable local cuisine with reasonable price
Location: Zhongnanhai, Nu'erbage Street, Hotan
Special Dishes: Grilled Meat, Xinjiang Rice, Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper, Noodles Served with Soy Sauce, etc.
Average cost per person: CNY60/USD9
Night Shows and Entertainment
QiNa Folk Custom Garden
QiNa Folk Custom Garden
Highlights: the two-thousand-year-old ancient tree; an agritainment center with colorful folk recreational activities; folk songs & dances performance
Ticket Price: vary according to different activities
Time: all day
Location: Gulebage Village, Akesalayi Town, Moyu County, Hotan (40km from Hotan)
YingAiRiKe Reservoir
YingAiRiKe Reservoir
Highlights: the splendor landscape of reservoir and desert; various interesting sand-related entertainment activities like desert camel tour, sand sliding, sand therapy, etc.
Ticket price: vary according to different activities
Time: all day
Location: 18km from Hotan
Local Market / Night Street
Hotan Bazaar
Hotan Bazaar
Covering an area of 118,352, Hotan Bazaar is a great comprehensive market with multi-functions. Originated in Xinjiang, Bazaar is a unique trade market existed in local area, providing abundant commodities for local people as well as a new and different experience for tourists from all directions.
Opening hours: all day
Things you can buy: special food, souvenirs
Tuanjie Square Night Market
Tuanjie Square Night Market
Tuanjie Square Night Market is the only night market in Hotan. It opened all year around, proving local people and tourists with countless cuisines. Unlike traditional night market in disorder, the environment of Tuanjie Square Night Market is rather comfortable. Even the cooks of the night market are in uniform.
Opening hours: all day
Things you can buy: special cuisines

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