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Hong Kong Weather

General Climate

Hong Kong gets a typical subtropical climate much influenced by monsoons. With distinct four seasons, Hong Kong maintains pleasant and gentle weather almost all the year round. The annual average temperature is about 22 °C, and plenty of rainfall also brings moderate humidity to the city. It may be a bit hot at most of the time, but the cool breeze from the sea would constantly dispel away the heat.

Therefore, Hong Kong is an ideal travel destination all year round in terms of climate. The favorable weather shall be friendly to outdoor excursions, such as strolling along the Victoria Harbour, trekking at the peak and having fun in the Disneyland Resort and Ocean Park. If travelling for shopping, Hong Kong’s climate surely will not frustrate you.

Hong Kong Weather
Spring - mild, gentle and warm

Spring in Hong Kong lasts for two months from March to May. Most days are warm and mild, but the weather is quite fickle. The average high temp may reach to 25°C in the day time, and fall to 17°C at night. High humidity and mist may be brought by sudden spring drizzles, which may cause the suspension of air and ferry services in Hong Kong.

At sunny days, the verdant Victoria Peak should be a fantastic destination to go on spring outing. It might be a bit chill when nightfall comes, so it is wise to prepare a thin overcoat or a sweater in case of getting cold.

Hong Kong Spring
Summer – hot, humid and stormy

Long summer from May to September is really hot and humid in Hong Kong when the temp usually rises up to 35°C. July and August are the hottest months, and truly it also has the most rainfall up to 460 millimeters. In summer, the real-time weather is nearly unpredictable, and travelers may be threatened by sudden showers in the afternoon. It is quite necessary to take some rain gears like umbrella and raincoat to avoid getting drenched like a drowned rat.

September should be the last choice for travel in Hong Kong on account of the frequent thunderstorms and occasional typhoons, while close attention should be given to typhoon warning if one has to. During the whole scorching summer, T-shirts, vest and shorts are surely okay with every circumstance.

Hong Kong Summer
Autumn – cool, refreshing and comfortable

Autumn is the most pleasant season of Hong Kong, which lasts from October to December. Since early October, the temperature starts to go down, and it may reach 23°C on average, accompanied by gentle breeze and warm sunshine. It showers sometimes, but it usually just lasts for hours.

The comfortable weather is perfect for outdoor activities, such as hiking, excursion and camping. Travelers are recommended to enjoy themselves by a visit in Disneyland, Ocean Park or a Victoria Harbor cruise. As for the daily dressing, summer wears are still okay with the weather, but after sunset, one may need a thin overcoat in chill hours.

Hong Kong Autumn
Winter – chilling, dry and cloudy

Winter in Hong Kong approaches at mid-December with an obvious temperature drop and lasts to February. Most days are mild except the coldest and driest January. The chilling wind from the northern mainland of China brings away the humidity, and carries the temperature down lower than 10°C. Rainfall is limited to drizzles, so there is no need to worry about that. According to the history weather records, it rarely snows in Hong Kong.

Generally, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and heavy jackets are enough to cope with the winter of Hong Kong. Besides, travel in winter also gets some benefits, such as enjoying the off-season sale discount and experiencing the Chinese New Year.

Hong Kong Autumn
Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

The best time to visit Hong Kong falls in autumn from October to December, as the weather is really pleasant, neither hot nor humid. The favorable cool breeze and sunny rays make Hong Kong a hassle-free travel destination for both sightseeing and shopping. In addition, temperature around the Christmas is also quite enjoyable. However, September is not much recommended, as the typhoons and thunderstorm may frequently occur, which limits most outdoor activities.

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