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Hong Kong Shopping

Hong Kong is indeed a shoppers’ paradise, as big sales are available all year round. A shopping pilgrimage may starts with the city’s best tax-free suites, including fashion clothing & accessories, jewelry, electronic gears and antique gadgets at low prices. With an array of goods and products from every corner of the globe, Hong Kong not only offers big-brand shopping malls like Landmark and Time Square to up-market shoppers, and also gives wide selections for bargain hunters at Ladies’ street of Mong Kok.

Hong Kong Temple Street Shopping
1. Why Hong Kong is Crowned a Shopping Paradise?

a. Due to the tax free policy benefits, most goods are sold at relatively low price.

b. Nearly all international designer brands could be found in Hong Kong, and the flagship stores are a dime and dozen here.

c. Hong Kong is English-friendly city, so you could have a hassle-free bargaining shopping experience.

d. Remarkable discounts are given during sales seasons.

2. Best Time for Shopping in Hong Kong

Christmas Shopping:
From December to January, especially before the Christmas and Chinese Spring Festival, shoppers could get the most handsome discounts and lowest rate.

Off-season shopping in August:
August is another golden time for summer sales, and off-season goods are sold at a rather low price, which would save a big amount of money for you.

3. What to Buy?

a. Clothes are always the most recommended shopping items in Hong Kong no matter for big-brand boutiques or wholesale cheap wears.

b. Electronic appliance like brand phones and laptop could be purchased at a fair rate, while the electronic accessories and gadgets like charger and USB wire are cheap out of your imagination.

c. Cosmetics and perfume are women’s favorite to buy, and the generous sales and wide selections create a perfect shopping spree.

4. Most Popular Shopping Destinations
The Central – international luxury goods hunting
The Landmark

The Central Area must be the best place to chase after the international designer and luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Channel. An array of malls and stores for high-priced clothes, bags, shoes and belts nestle in the lofty skyscrapers.

  • The Landmark: It is the oldest and the most prosperous shopping mall in Hong Kong for world cutting-edge brands as well as first-class restaurants.
  • IFC Mall: IFC Mall gets plenty of imported European wear and cosmetics brands catering to young people’s pursuit for fashion, together with a lot of fancy eateries.
  • Pacific Place: Pacific Place mainly offers mid and high priced brand wears with upmarket feel, while recreational movie house and bars are also facilitated.
Tsim Sha Tsui – Young fashion exploration
Tsim Sha Tsui Shopping

Tsim Sha Tsui is another bustling business and recreational district of the Island, where middle and high-end shopping malls and stores nestle down offering endless choices for nice product hunters.

  • Harbour City: Harbour City is a big retail mall with over 700 stores and outlets popular for kid’s clothing and sport wears as well as fantastic cinema.
  • DFS Galleria: DFS Galleria at Sun Plaza is a shopping paradise for high-class articles of luxury with quality warranty, which provides superb shopping experience and service.
Mong Kok & Yau Ma Tei – Best Places for shopping bargaining
Temple Street Night Market

Mong Kok is truly a neon-lit shopping arena, where you could obtain the most local buying experience. Arrays of commodities from stylish shoes to golden fish are sold at the lowest price in Hong Kong. The largest highlight of Mong Kok shopping experience is about the bargaining. Sometimes, one could get the commodities for half of the price originally quoted.

  • Ladies’ Market: Ladies’ Market gathers numerous owner-operated stores and stalls, selling young fashion wear, cosmetics and electronic accessories, whose prices could be easily bargained.
  • Temple Street: As the largest night market in Hong Kong, Temple Street at Yau Ma Tei boasts bustling sea food stands and vendors for state-priced clothes, artifacts, jade ware and small antiques as well as non-brand electronics.
  • Jade Market: Jade Market is a great place to select some inexpensive fashion jewelry, such as bracelets, pendants and rings. The price may vary dramatically for different items, and the quality is not really reliable, so please bargain hard.
Causeway Bay - Local people’s favorite shopping place
Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is crammed with malls and shops in every corner, where you could have a slice of the most authentic Hong Kong shopping experience. Clustered with a lot of fashion retailers, the dense neon advertising signs have become a special scene of Causeway Bay. Causeway Bay is also a frequently-visit shopping place for many Hong Kong stars.

  • Time Square: As the Landmark of Causeway Bay, Time Square is a huge shopping mall complex brimmed with international top brands. A great deal of high-end luxury items are waiting for shopper’s exploration.
  • SOGO: SOGO is a large 19-story department store themed with Japanese brands, offering commodities beyond your imagination, such as fashion clothes & accessories, home wear, kid’s toys, electronics and beauty products.
  • Jardine’s Crescent Market: Parallel with Ladies Market, Jardine’s Crescent Market at Causeway Bay is famous for its teens and young adults’ fashion items. There are also kick-offs of big-brands on sale, so you’d better check them carefully and bargain much.
5. Shopping Tips

a. Most malls and shops could accept Visa, Master Express, JCB and other major credit cards.

b. Bargaining is usually available at owner-operated stores, outdoor markets or street-side vendors.

c. In wholesale markets or retailers, you should avoid the goods without price tags in case of being overcharged.

d. Check the price of goods in several shops around to get a fair rate.

e. Watch out your belongings always, especially in some tourists-packed flea market.

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