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Tai O Fishing Village

Famed as the "Venice of Hong Kong", Tai O is the earliest fishing village on Lantau Island where stilted huts on water are densely distributed and waterways, bridges are criss-crossed.

Unlike most places in Hong Kong, it almost has no sign of westernization or colonization, and looks much the same as it was before, thus making it an ideal site to see what Hong Kong was like in the old time.

Tai O
How to Explore
  • a. By walk
    - the most leisure way to soak in the tranquil atmosphere of the old fishing village.
  • b. By bicycle
    - the best way to experience the daily life of locals as bicycles are their main traffic means.
  • c. By sightseeing boat
    - the most interesting way to admire the unique dwellings by sailing through them at a close distance.
What to Explore

Stilted Huts on Water

Famed as the landmark buildings of Tai O Fishing Village, these stilted huts are an amazing product of the villagers' traditional fishing life, thus provides a real glimpse into their unique culture and customs. Supported by wooden pillars fixed in the water, such shelter is designed to face the water at the front with a ladder for daily washing or boarding the boat while the tail position is connected to the land with a wooden path, where they would dry clothes, seafood, etc.

Stilted Huts

Ancient Temples & Historical buildings

Once step into Tai O, many would feel surprised to find that a small fishing village like this could boast so many temples, though the scale is generally not that impressing. Wherein, Guandi Temple and Yanghou Temple are the most famed and largest temples and both have a history of several hundred years. Historical buildings is another highlight, such as the former Tai O Police Station, a white two-story Western-style building originated in 1902 but then transformed to a 4-star hotel in 2011.

Wuhou Temple


Tai O is a rare place in Hong Kong to admire the stunning beauty of sunset with the flavor of nature and rusticity. Standing on a ferry bridge, you could see the light moving forwards from the hazy horizon to the peaceful village, leaving a vast blur of light and shadow on the sea surface before covering the huts with a layer of golden gauze. It is also when the fishing boats edge their way back home, exuding a sense of vicissitudes in the evening glow.


Chinese White Dolphin

In the nearby waters of Tai O, there live a group of adorable Chinese white dolphins. Though named white dolphins, quite a few of them are actually light pink. Nowadays, it is much more difficult to see them due to the frequent passage of ships and the construction of Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge. But if you are lucky enough, especially on a clear summer day when the waves are small, you are still probably to encounter these cute beauties merely 2 or 3 kilometers offshore.

Chinese White Dolphin

Seafood & Local Flavor

There is no better place to enjoy the original taste of fresh seafood than a historical fishing village like Tai O. Crammed full of eateries and restaurants for seafood dishes, local cuisines and tantalizing snacks like Chinese fevervine herb cake, Put chai ko, bean curd jelly..., it just allows you to eat your way out. Not to mention the shops for dried seafood, where you could buy local delicacies like the most famed salted fish, fish maw, shrimp paste and salted egg yolk.

Salted Fish
  • Location: Lantau Island North West, Hong Kong.
  • Admission Fee: Free.
  • Opening Hour: All day.
  • How to get there:
    Take Bus No. 11 at the Bus Terminal at Exit B of Tung Chung Station to Tai O Bus Terminus (about 50 minutes).
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