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Lantau Island

  • Lantau Island Lantau Island
  • The touching coastline of Lantau Island The touching coastline of Lantau Island
  • Lantau Peak Lantau Peak
  • Tai O Fishing Village Tai O Fishing Village
  • View of Lantau Island from Ngong Ping 360 View of Lantau Island from Ngong Ping 360

Get tired of the bustling Hong Kong? Want to escape from the crowded urban life? If yes, then Lantau Island is definitely your dreaming place.

Located at the mouth of the Pearl River, Lantau Island owns a land mass of 147.16 square kilometers. It is the biggest island in Hong Kong, almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island. Different from other densely-populated islands in Hong Kong, Lantau Island is a natural land park mostly covered by waters and forests and has a pretty low population.

The island primarily consists of mountainous terrains. Besides the second highest peak of Hong Kong, Lantau Peak, which has an altitude of 395 meters, Lantau Island also owns Sunset Peak, Lin Fa Shan, Nei Lak Shan and Yi Tung Shan. The largest country park of Hong Kong, Lantau South Country Park, which hosts two other parks, namely Lantau North Country Park and its extension, is also located in Lantau Island. These parks cover slightly more than half of the area of Lantau Island. Lantau Island also owns the fourth largest freshwater reservoir in Hong Kong, Shek Pik Reservoir, which was built in 1963, covering an area of 1.01kilometers.

Thanks to all these mountains and waters, Lantau Island boasts a splendid natural landscape and great air condition. It is often referred to as “the lungs of Hong Kong”. The coastline of Lantau Island is twisted and touching. Waters, beaches, mountains and vegetation, everything here is in harmony. Natural scenery interweaves with historical sites and adds the beauties of each other.

At Lantau Island, you could enjoy the amazing panoramic view of the island by taking the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, or you could choose to ascend to the top via well-marked hiking trails. You could visit the famous Disneyland, or you could go to Tai O Fishing Village to feel the slow life of the old fishing village. Also, Po Lin Monastery with the Tian Tan Buddha in it is another worthy-visiting site for both prayers and tourists.


  • Location:
    Southwestern part of Hong Kong, China
  • Admission Fee:
  • Opening Hour:
    All day
  • How to get there:
    Use ferry service to Mui Wo, then take bus transfer to different attractions. Ferry services are available from 5:55 am to 23:30 pm (Monday to Saturday) and from 7:00am to 23:00pm on Sunday and holidays
    Take subway Tung Chung Line and get off at Tung Chung new town


  • Recommended stay hour: 4 hours;
  • The temperature on the top of the island is much lower, take extra clothes with you;
  • If you would like to take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, buy the tickets from internet in advance can enjoy discount and save waiting time.

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