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Yangshuo Travel Guide

Yangshuo, a picturesque small county lying 65km south to Guilin, is an indispensable destination for Guilin travel. The treasure land boasting of rustic rural life and rich resources offers you with one thousand ways to explore: hiking, bicycling, rafting, or rock climbing; visiting local family or appreciating natural wonders. You will get big surprises and extraordinary experiences in Yangshuo from time to time.

Best time to go

Generally speaking, any time from April to October is suitable for Yangshuo travel. May and September are acknowledged as the best time to go for favorable weather, good river condition, and pleasant scenery.

As for when is the best time for you, it depends on your focus and preference, maybe blossom sea in April, or cool rafting during summer.

You need to avoid:

a. Low water level periods during winter and early spring;
b. Rainy season from late May to June;
c. Local tourism peak days on Labor Day and National Holiday.

Getting to Yangshuo

Travelers will arrive in Guilin first, then transfer to Yangshuo through alternative transport means:

a. High speed train

You could take a high speed train to Yangshuo in Guilin. And Guilinxi Railway Station has 10 D- trains daily with duration of only 24 minutes.

b. Cruise boat

Li River Cruise is a special sightseeing activity from Guilin to Yangshuo, which takes about 2- 5 hours, varying with different routes, cruise boats, and weather condition.

c. Coach

Lijiang General Bus Station located at No.427, South Zhongshan Rd., within 15 minutes' walking distance from Guilin Railway Station, sets out frequent coaches to Yangshuo. It takes about 1.5 hours to arrive in Yangshuo Bus Station (Fare: CNY27).

Top activities to experience
Nanjing Road

a. Li River Cruise

Li River Cruise is a fairly popular and relaxing way to go sightseeing from Guilin to Yangshuo. River cruise and bamboo rafting are two fantastic options for travelers close to bottom-visible Li River. The terminus Xingping is right where the classic backdrop of 20-yuan banknote lies in. By the way, you could visit 1740-year-old Xingping Ancient Town tracing back well-preserved primitive ambiance of antique Yangshuo.

b. Yulong River Rafting

Yulong River with limpid water and riverside views is praised as the most beautiful spot for a relaxing rafting sightseeing. Different from motorized rafts over Li River, Yulong River Rafting is pushed by experienced local rafters manually, each raft carrying only two people.

Considering into long distance and pure manual labor, Yulong River rafting is divided into three sections with diversified alternative routes. Primitive Jinlong Bridge - Jiuxian Route and time-honored Jima - Wanjing Route are two most popular ones recommended to you.

c. Bicycling along Ten Mile Gallery

Ten Mile Gallery is a top classic cycling travel route in Yangshuo. This massive natural scroll involves Big Banyan Tree, Butterfly Spring, Yulong River, Moon Hill, and other notable spots. Moreover, cycling gives you great flexibility to make a stop at any time and get close to water buffaloes, paddy fields, local farmers, or anything you are interested in.

Yangshuo Nightlife

a. West Street

Merely 800-meter in length, 8-meter in width, the compact West Street is embraced by ancient architectures with cyan tiles, white walls, and hanging balconies. Far beyond a scenic spot, the bustling old block is packed with bars, restaurants, souvenir shops that blends western and eastern elements harmoniously, thus also known as foreigner street, where you could catch western backpacks strolling or biking around.

Night time is the most relaxing and charming moment for West Street. Guilin Nightlife will inspire you with some great ideas on how to enjoy your time in Yangshuo West Street at night.

west street

b. Liusanjie Impression

Liusanjie Impression is a fabulous live show you could only watch in Yangshuo. Taking Li River as a natural stage, the performance impress you with its colorful lightening and splendid scenes of peaks, mist, bamboo forest, etc. The most striking part lies in the legendary of Liusanjie as well as folk songs and dances.

The wonderful show will lighten your nightlife in Yangshuo.

Liusanjie Impression
Yangshuo Accommodation

West Street commercial block and nearby areas, Yulong River & Ten Mile Gallery Scenic Area, Li River Scenic Area, Xingping Ancient Town & Yangshuo High Speed Railway Station are four major centers where hotels are densely spreading.

Hotels in Yangshuo are ranging from 4-star or 5-star hotels, brand chain hotels, to diversified hostels, guesthouses, therefore you have multiple choices, an interesting hostel in bustling West Street, or unique B&B with a poetic courtyard, or elegant riverside hotel in scenic area, or any other you like.

Dining in Yangshuo

Top three delicacies that you cannot miss in Yangshuo are Beer Fish, Stuffed Li River Snails, and Fish Hotpot. West Street is a good place to seek for authentic tastes of these dishes; here are some popular restaurants with favorable comments from foodies: Dashifu Beer Fish Restaurant (大师傅啤酒鱼西街老店)/Xiesanjie Beer Fish Reataurant (谢三姐啤酒鱼西街店)/FuGuiLou Restaurant (富贵楼).

Except for Yangshuo signature dishes, there are also many street stalls packed with delicious local snacks for you to explore. Fantastic western restaurants and cafes could be easily found in the paradise for worldwide backpackers, say Lede French Restaurant (乐得法式餐厅), Rock’n Grill Cafe (山色西餐厅), etc.

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Shopping in Yangshuo

There are two types of things that are popular on the tourists' shopping list:
One is handicrafts with strong ethnic and regional features, like calabash products, bamboo mat, Yangshuo painting fans, embroidered ball of Zhuang Minority, etc. West street and Xingping Ancient Town are best places to buy souvenirs.

The other is local specialties - Shatian Grapefruit, Yangshuo Kumquat, dried persimmon, chestnut, chili sauce, etc. It is better to buy specialties in big supermarkets rather than scenic areas.

Recommended tours with Yangshuo

No matter a short stay or several days' exploration, you will enjoy your time in Yangshuo with ChinaTours which offers you insider guide, experienced driver, considerate service, well designed tours, and most importantly, incomparable travel experience.

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