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Guilin Weather

Climate Overview

Having acknowledged a new title of “the Holy Land with Ten Thousand Years’ Wisdom” most recently because of its gathering antique cave remains, the city’s weather however, is not that “whimsical” indeed.

Guilin Climate

Due to the Pacific’s influential impact, it enjoys a typical mid-subtropical monsoon climate with a humid inclination. Although locating around 30 degrees northern latitude in an inland area, it manages a clear four-season climate without extreme temperature or rainfall exertion - all year is above 0 degree Celsius. It’s a god’s blessing that chooses this site as a relatively slow-paced holiday destination with healing sunshine and warm rains’ companion. Although the tendencies of temperature and rainfall have gone not that in accordance with each other, a saying of “infrequent snow persisting in succeeding three winters with blossoms all year around” best describes the climate’s characteristic.


Usually March to May is categorized as spring which also is the time when it rains the most (in May) -a little bit of contra-common sense. This is because of its southern location that results in an early arrival of the plum rains due to the barometric pressure’s disparity move. The average temperature gradually climbs from 10 degrees to above 20 degrees Celsius, and the best impression is left on April, with balancing temperature and rains.

Guilin Spring

It’s also a month when Zhuang’s traditional celebration for singing looms (Zhuang is the largest minority ethnic group in China that also occupies the largest population in Guangxi province, where Guilin belongs). Therefore, ground activities are quite encouraged, especially if you are confident enough to join this talented group. Many people however, would choose to start their journey along the Li River by the end of spring.


June, July and August are called summer in Guilin. It’s humid and warm, but even the hottest days don’t have the temperature above 35 degrees Celsius. The rainfalls at first shower, but then gradually lessen, which although don’t mean a decreasing passion for the exploration on those villages along the river, and the remains of the Great Wall built in Ming Dynasty.

Guilin Summer

The village streets and the ancient royal city’s polish would provide romantic shades, for you to take shelter from the rains, let alone if someone really wants to experience the rainfall’s landscaping viewed on the river- its blurring effects. This is the time when the travel suitability gradually mounts to its climax in the next season.


Here we’ve finally witnessed the best season for outdoor travels in Guilin, not just because of sunshine, cool weather and clear sky – the humidity indicator has fallen, but also because that it’s the season when the City Flower - the sweet-scented osmanthus mainly blossoms. A mere city scape walk can be fragrant, adding that you have smartly noticed the city is the residence for a Guangxi warlord and an outstanding painter-a fruitful history appreciation exists too.

Guilin Autumn

Therefore, the late August till October can be the golden time for a holistic exploration: With the stable average temperature between 15 degrees to 25 degrees Celsius, even the sweat is healthy and delightful. Whether you are fans of Elephant Trunk Hill, or Nine Horses Painting Hill - the natural endowment along the river, or the Longji Yao and Zhuang Ethnic Terrace - the artificial miracle conceived by this magical land and people, any choices are rewarding.


It is admitted that Guilin’s winter is a little cold and humid, but that’s only the narrow comparison with its own comfortableness in the other three seasons. The late November till the February is the winter with average low temperature no lower than 5 degrees Celsius. And since almost everywhere plantation is evergreen so the visual impression hasn’t been changed much.

The occasionally snowy scenery has been gifted to Longsheng Hot Spring, a spring for curing and even drinking in the suburb of Guilin. And the Guilin Merryland Theme Park’s experience can also fill in the stimulation gap if you had.

Guilin Winter

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