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Top Things to Do in Guilin

Full of tenderness, charisma, ethnic customs and incredible karst landscapes, Guilin feels just the way they tell you about: Guilin's scenery is peerless in the world.
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Wandering around this ink-wash painting like land, one would easily feel puzzled to separate fantasy from reality. And as always, when it comes to paradise, the hardest bit is choosing what to do first.
Enjoy a Leisurely Cruise along the Li River
Li River

Being the essence of the landscape of Guilin, Li River reminds you of many ink-wash paintings that best display the Chinese classic beauty. Unwind and enjoy the slow pace in the captivating scenery along the Li River, where verdant hills form a backdrop to lush riverbanks, fishermen casting their nets and cooking smoke curling upwards in rural villages. With any luck, you may also have the chance to see trained cormorants catching fish, a traditional fishing skill once practiced in lots of places in South-East China.

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Get inspired now from the hot tours below that includes a Li River cruise:
Gulin -Yangshuo Private Li River Cruise Tour and Guilin & Yangshuo Small Group Tour.

Delve in Ancient Town & Street in Yangshuo
Ancient Town
West Street

Sailing down the Li River, you will be greeted by Yangshuo, the most beautiful county in Guilin famed for its graceful tranquility embodied not only in its enchanting natural landscape but also the atmosphere of history.

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Originated more than a thousand years ago, Xingping Ancient Town is a real gem of Yangshuo for boasting some of the best Guilin scenic sites such as the Reflection of Yellow Cloth Shoal and a great many historical relics and traditional dwellings that remain much the same as they were in the ancient time. The West Street, a perfect fusion of the ancient and modern crammed full of old houses, cafes and bars, is strongly recommended for souvenirs in your spare time.

Marvel at the Secret Workings of Nature
Elephant Trunk Hill

Nestling in the center of Guilin City, the famed Elephant Trunk Hill is a masterpiece of karst landscape that resembles a giant elephant drinking water with its long nose. Always fascinating and inspiring, it has become the top choice for many to gain the very first taste of Guilin's legendary scenery.

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Some 7.4 km away in the northwest direction, there is a bizarre world made of awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites - Reed Flute Cave. Being a hot tourist attraction since the Dang Dynasty, Reed Flute Cave offers more than you can expect, including many valuable inscriptions left by ancient celebrities.

Feel a little intrigued? Capture the spirit of Guilin with our Guilin Essentials Group Tour.

Indulge in Unique Terrace Fields and Minority Culture
Terrace Fields
Zhuang Minority

Dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the terrace landscape in Longsheng County is considered as the best all around China, both in its scale and grandeur. The scenery of terraced fields varies upon the change of seasons, but all amazing. From the glittering mirrors in spring, verdant green carpets in summer, to stunning golden yarn in autumn and silver white ice cubes in winter, it has something for everyone.

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Around the terraced fields are some rural villages where live the Zhuang and Yao Ethnic Minorities. Their traditional architectures, ethnic clothes and intriguing customs will also leave you a memory for a lifetime.

Feel like being personally on the scene? Join this Longji Terraced Rice Field Private Tour now and immerse yourself in this picturesque scenery.

Tuck in Authentic Local Cuisines
Local Cuisines

Mentioning Guilin cuisine, the first name that comes to mind for many is Guilin Rice Noodles, the most renowned dish in Guilin and one of its top cultural symbols. The noodles of delicate, soft and smooth texture, and the special bone soup added with chopped pig or cow’s guts, minced onion, pepper, coriander as well as a few drops of sesame oil, will together make you want to savor one bite at a time.

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Of course, Guilin provides far more than that. Just come and savour the spicy and sour flavors of Guilin, like the fiery, tingling, yet tasty sensation of Guilin chilli sauce, Yangshuo Beer Fish, Guizhou Snails, and some local snacks such as the soft and chewy Aiyebaba, Ciba, Matigao (all traditional glutinous rice cakes).

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