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Guilin Shopping

While enjoying the picturesque landscape of Guilin, one should never miss the chance to go shopping during the journey. Chili sausage, rice liquor and brocade works as well as painted fans are most authentic specialties and souvenirs to bring home. Zhongshan Road and Zhengyang Road within the city proper are the most hustling shopping streets of Guilin, and Yangshuo West Street with fancy atmosphere also offers wide shopping selections for artifacts and gadgets.

What’s Special to Bring Home?
Three treasures of Guilin

Guilin Chili SauceSanhua liquor, fermented bean curd and chili sauce are reputed as the Three Treasures of Guilin, which rank the top 3 souvenirs on the shopping lists of travelers home and abroad. Made from local rice and water of Li River, Sanhua liquor enjoys much popularity among the locals. Both the fermented bean curd and the chili sauce are prevalent appetizer and condiments served on the dinner table of Guilin people everyday.

  • Where to buy: Zhengyang Road Pedestrian Street
Brocade Products of Multiple Minorities

Guilin BrocadeGuilin city is inhabited by people from different minority groups, such as Zhuang, Yao and Dong. Especially women from Zhuang minority are talented in cloth weaving and dying, and most of them could tailor-make the ethnic costumes on their own. Due to their bold employment of color match and pattern design, these hand-made brocade works with distinctive ethnic features could be awesome indoor ornaments. At most souvenir stores, brocade scarves, bags or table cloth are available for purchase.

  • Where to buy: Little Hong Kong underground market under the Central Square
Paper Fans and Oil-Paper Umbrellas

Paper UmbrellaHand-made paper fans and umbrellas in Guilin have a history of hundreds of years. Attributed to the stunning natural view of Guilin, most fans and umbrellas are painted with quaint landscape and calligraphy characters. The paper fans used to be an ornament for well-educated men, while the oil-paper umbrella is an exquisite rain gear for every household. Nowadays, they could be unique decoration for your houses.

  • Where to buy: Yangshuo West Street
Osmanthus Themed Souvenirs

Osmanthus Perfume Guilin in Chinese literally refers to Forest of Osmanthus, that’s why a lot of osmanthus-themed commodities could be found in souvenir stores. The refreshing osmanthus-scented wine is quite popular among ladies as it tastes not as strong as other Chinese spirits. Besides, the osmanthus-flavored cake could also be an idea snack during your journey. If one wants to shop gifts for women, the gentle osmanthus perfume shall be the best choices.

  • Where to buy: night market at Zhongshan Road.
The Most Visited Shopping Places in Guilin
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street – One-stop Shopping with Dining and Entertainment
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street

Situated in the city center, Zhengyang Pedestrian Street is a time-honored commercial area of Guilin. As the most bustling shopping street of the city, it is densely clustered with fancy restaurants, shops and hotels. Wandering through the street, one could find a wide variety of commodities, such as chic clothes, local specialties and artifacts.

  • Add: Zhengyang Road, Xiufeng District
Night Market at Zhongshan Road – Artifacts & Gadgets
 Zhongshan Road Night Market

Zhongshan Road, as the main transportation trunk, is the commercial and cultural center of Guilin City. Once night falls, the broad avenue would be densely clustered with food stalls, clothes stands and souvenir vendors. The small commodities in three main categories are sold in the market, including artwork ornaments like ceramics and wood carving, clothing and wears like ethnical costume, perfumes and brocade, and antiques as well as jewelry. The goods quality is pleasant, and the price is rather cheap as long as you take time to bargain.

  • Add: Zhongshan Road, Xiufeng District
Yangshuo West Street – Most Visited Commercial Street for Foreigners
Yangshuo West Street

Yangshuo is definitely the highlight of your Guilin tour, and the renowned West Street should never be missed. As the most visited street for foreigners, it not only offers fantastic bar & café leisure, but also showcases unique souvenir stores for shopping hunters. Numerous street stands and stalls for little gadgets, such as wood carving, ornaments, calligraphy and painting works, are waiting for your exploration. Most of the commodities are reasonably priced, but you could still bargain over the price.

  • Add: West Street, Yangshuo County
Wayao International Souvenirs Wholesale Market
Wayao Wholesale Market

If eager to buy souvenirs in large bulk and at lower price, you are suggested to explore the Wayao International Souvenirs Wholesale Market. Hundreds of shops and vendors area arrayed in the market, where one can find ceramics, Chinese landscape painting, calligraphy works, wood & bamboo carving, born combs, old-fashioned hairpin, tea set, paper fans and umbrellas. What’s more, if you are fond of the costumes of Chinese minority groups, the market shall offer you favorable selections.

  • Add: Huancheng South 2nd Road, Wayao Industrial Area, Xiangshan District
Popular Shopping Malls and Department Stores
Shopping Malls in Guilin

For shopping like a native, you may drop by the large shopping malls and departments stores in the city center, where young and high fashion clothes are available. Here under are some recommendations for your reference.

  • Guilin Department Store
    Add: No. 122, Zhongshan Middle Road
  • Wei Xiao Tang Department Store
    Add: No. 187, Zhongshan Middle Road
  • Bagui Mansion
    Add: No. 29, Zhongshan Middle Road

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