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Guilin Nightlife

Guilin’s nightlife can be summarized as the West Street tour plus water landscape experience mainly. If it’s easy to get bored of commercial streets visit, then Guilin’s West Street has positioned itself very differently for a fresh understanding. If it’s easy to be aloof of a viewpoint on the boat for a specific attraction, then the water landscape in Guilin is rich and complicating enough for a whole night’s intoxication. Let’s see how they are showing their unique branding strategies at night.

The West Street, the original(阳朔西街)
Yangshuo West Street

When it is talked about the West Street in Guilin, the first coming to mind should be the one in Yangshuo county’s town centre. It’s ancient enough to be beyond then administration’s arrangement, and it’s also multicultural enough to demonstrate the power of inclusion of Chinese culture.

The short street, the agricultural influence, and the way back to tranquility

Since this street’s origin arises from the local farmers’ autonomous gathering and the mix with the traditional commerce -about 1500 years’ history, its personality has been formed as being unsophisticated, simple and honest relatively. The nightlife is bustling merely on the surface. If you go deep, you can sense the continuous impact from the agricultural civilization. The handicrafts and snacks’ peddling is everywhere of course, but the thing is you can still trace back easily to your own inner world’s tranquility, via the night walk on this street of less than 1km’s length. The night view on those bricks, tiles, courtyards’ profiles is subtly but powerfully reminding you which culture is still dominant.

Multicultural setting of Chinese pride

It is world widely known as the Foreigner’s Street that has been recorded into the . The learning atmosphere here for communication is no inferior to the café shop’s business or the French cuisine’s glamour. You simply sit in the Global Village’s cinema for an old movie at night, or enjoy a band’s performance in a pub whilst watching out the street view from the second floor’s balcony. This multicultural feeling is of Chinese pride, meaning that visitors take the local as something they wish to learn from, be adapted to and in the meantime, import the international elements. The night life can be multicultural pub set obviously, but the root is still Chinese.

Nearby Popular Pubs and Bars:

  • Shuangyue Bar (双月酒吧)
    Feature: guitar and keyboard performance enjoyment
    Add.: No. 41 Xianqian Street near Shuangyue Bridge, Yangshuo County
  • Magpie Pub (喜鹊酒馆)
    Feature: live band performance and nostalgic feeling
    Add.: No. 39 Xianqian Street near Shuangyue Bridge, Yangshuo County
  • Silken Web Cave Pub (盘丝洞)
    Feature: singing enjoyment and meditation
    Add.: No. 49 Xianqian Street, Yangshuo County
Yitian West Street (益田西街)
Yitian West Street

Compared to Yangshuo’s authentic West Street, this later built one is of more modern and international business’ interference and interpretation. Designed by AECOM and favoured by Thailand’s Amari hotel, the site’s night lantern spectacle is an alternative description of the designed thematic mountain, water, land, stone and bamboo elements. The idea of a shopping plaza best marks its positioning. It has tried to combine the folk culture, the typical local architecture with the notion of the holiday pedestrian street. It is believed you can have a standardized experience without disappointment.

Water Landscape at Night
Water landscape

The Imaginative Ecological Engineering Project

The water landscape in Guilin has been especially noticed by the authority and therefore formed into “Two Rivers and Four Lakes”(两江四湖)as the core area. Li River, Taohua River, Shan Lake, Rong Lake, Gui Lake and Mulong Lake together foster a city’s water system that is comparable to Venice. It is firstly an environmentally friendly project aiming at the improvement of water quality, and then a night view tourist site. Unlike Shanghai’s emphasis particularly on the two sides of Huangpu River, this water landscape shapes itself as the total mix with the city-the resplendent night view is also the night view on Guilin. It is proudly evaluated as the AAAAA site with a hallmark specially on its ecological emphasis.

Versatile and beautiful – fully deserved classical tour

The versatility lies in its passage along with so diverse natural and artificial creation. From its natural side, grasslands, creeks, woodlands and waterfalls may still be viewed from a faraway distance on the boat, decorated by glimmering lanterns. It’s the artificial construction however that draws the most attention.

Whether it’s for the highest copper towers standing in the lake (The Gold and Silver Towers), or the pavilion located on the eyot of the lake (湖心亭), or the double bridges with waving profiles and ecological banyans surrounding (古榕双桥), or the earliest bridge in China that adopts glass as building materials and possesses real practical use, even a sweeping passage could arouse consecutive praises, no matter you are just deeply in love with some of them, or are fond of all the exhibits. Whenever they were built, and whatever the styles are, they all look harmonious with the blending with the imagery in water, and the city’s night showcase. At that time, your own image is just lost in such a colourful, real and unreal world that it’s not until the tour finishes that you realize you have once seized this beauty so tightly yet so untraceably.

When and how long it will take: 19:30-21:30; one and half hour
Where to embark and debark: Wenchangqiao Dock (文昌桥码头), Jiefangqiao Dock (解放桥码头), Riyuewan Dock (日月湾码头)(the boats shuffle between based on what type of ticket and route you have chosen)
Contact info.: +86-0773-2888802 or +86-0773-2580710

Performance on Folk Culture
Impression Liu Sanjie (印象刘三姐)

Impression Liu SanjieThe story is reedited from the fairy singer Liu, Sanjie who belonged to the Zhuang minor ethnic group. The environmental art and platform engineering are either from local elements’ combination for re-construction, or from natural material’s reutilization. The uncontrolled natural “interruption” such as the wave’s strength, the moon’s waxes or wanes, as well as the sudden shower or drizzles altogether add affluent angles for the appreciation towards Liu, Sanjie - her bravery in fighting against the bully, and her wisdom and etiquette in using singing for competitive activity and for the love expression

  • When and how long it will take: 20:00-22:00; one hour. (During weekends and holidays, the beginning might be 20 minutes earlier. There are two or three performances in one night).
  • Where to see: No.1 Tianyuan Road, Yangshuo County, Guilin
Elephant Legend (象山传奇)

Elephant LegendIt is the elaboration about the Elephant Trunk Hill, how we inherit from the ancestors’ wisdom, how the site used to be the jungle but gradually evolves into the paradise for human beings’ residence. It’s the manifestation of Guilin’s soul using audio and video high technology.

When to see:
Where to watch: Gate No. 3 Elephant Trunk Hill Scenic Area, Binjiang Road, Guilin

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