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Guilin Food & Restaurants

Influenced by Cantonese cuisine, Guilin cuisine is usually light-flavored, tender and fresh. For travelers in Guilin, you may encounter lots of characteristic delicacies out of your expectations, such as Beer Fish, Stir-fried Escargots and Roast Goose in Lotus Leaf. Unlike big metropolises Beijing and Shanghai, in Guilin RMB10 is enough for you to taste the most authentic Rice Noodle or Matigao Cake, and hustling foods streets would bring you a native-like dining experience.

Guilin Cuisine
Guilin Cuisine
Must-Try Dishes and Snacks
Guilin Rice Noodle
Guilin Rice Noodle
Guilin Rice Noodle, is usually taken as the best-liked breakfast by locals. Made of rice flour, it not only becomes a symbol of Guilin dinning culture, but also enjoys wide popularity by people all over China.
Yangshuo Beer Fish
Yangshuo Beer Fish
Beer Fish is an outstandingly renowned and favorable local special dish of Yangshuo. The fish from Li River is cooked with beer so that the fish tenderness is kept and the fishy smell is covered.
Stir-fried Escargots
Stir-fried Escargots
Stir-frying escargots with pepper, fermented bean curd and ginger is the most popular cooking method in Guilin. Especially at the snack vendors at Zhengyang Street, you could taste the most authentic stir-fried Escargots at a low price.
Stewed Duck with Gingko
Stewed Duck with Gingko
As a traditional dish of Guilin, stewed duck with gingko is considered to be a delicacy full of nutrition and freshness. Light-flavored, the duck is stewed with gentle heat for a long time so that the original scent of ingredients could come out and the nutrition would not be damaged.
Nun’s Noodle
Nun’s Noodle
Nigu is the Chinese name of the nun who practices a vegetarian diet, while sumian literally means vegetarian noodle. Although entirely vegetarian, the soup of the noodle is mixed with a wide variety of ingredients, bean sprouts, mushroom, bamboo shoots, sesame oil, optional pepper powder, shredded carrots, tofu and fried peanuts.
Matigao Cake
Matigao Cake
Matigao, also known as Chinese water chestnut curd, is a local snack sold in every food quarter, which tastes smooth, tender, sweet and soft. When served, the slices of the cake would usually be pan-fried till it turns into a lovely golden shade.
Popular Food Streets
  • Zhengyang Pedestrian Street
  • Shangshui Food Street
  • Yangshuo West Street
Zhengyang Pedestrian Street (正阳路步行街)
  • The 700-meter long pedestrian street is the busiest commercial area and the most enjoyable snack street in Guilin. The age old street is clustered with restaurants and eateries in traditional Chinese architectural styles, and what add more vibrant vigor are the dazzling variety of local delicacies, such as rice noodle, grilled squid, roast fish, matigao cakes, sizzling stuffed bean curd, etc.
Shangshui Food Street (尚水美食街)
  • Different from Zhengyang Street, Shangshui Food Street is densely scattered with food vendors and stalls, where snacks from all over China are gathered. You could not only enjoy the local food like the Nun’s Noodle and stir-fried escargots, but also get a chance to try some thrilling snacks, such as stir-fried scorpion and grasshopper. Comparing to Zhengyang Street, the dishes are sold at a lower price at Shangshui Food Street.
Yangshuo West Street (阳朔西街)
  • No street in China is more popular than Yangshuo West Street for foreign travelers. With ambience of exotic atmosphere, West Street offers you the fanciest bars, cafés, western restaurants as well as authentic local eateries. The famous Beer Fish, Rice Cooked in Bamboo Tubes, Fish Stewed in Casserole and Stir-Fried Escargots should not be missed during your delicacy exploration in West Street.
Recommended Local Restaurants
McFound (麦香坊)
  • McFoundAlthough began as a simple wheaten food store, McFound is now actually famous as the food chain where outsiders could taste authentic Guilin dishes. The founder of the restaurants might mean to attract guests by noodles, dumplings and steamed bread that are all rarely to be seen in South China.

    Add: No. 12, East Chuanshan Road, Qixing District
Chunji Roast Goose (椿记烧鹅)
  • Chunji Roast GooseChunji, or Chunji Roasted Goose Restaurant, is a chain restaurant founded in 1999. From the very beginning of it, Chunji has been focused on Chinese cuisine, especially on a famous local specialty, roasted goose. Nowhere else could offers more delicious roast goose than Chunji.

    Add: No. 3, Wenming Road
Xiao Nan Guo (小南国)
  • XiaonanguoXiao Nan Guo is chain restaurants characterized by a variety of Guilin snacks, and the stir-fried escargots and Li River fish are their specialties. By the way, the restaurant’s fancy environment will bring you an enjoyable dining experience.

    Add: No.3, Wenming Road, Xiangshan District
Guike Restaurant (桂客餐厅)
  • Guike RestaurantNestling at the bank of Li River, Guike Restaurant is one of the most typical dinning places for Guilin cuisine. It not only offers authentic traditional dishes, such as roast goose, stewed duck and big escargots, but also serves some newly creative food, such as pineapple in soy sauce and beef granules with black pepper.

    Add: No. 2, East Jiefang Road
Xiedajie Beer Fish (谢大姐啤酒鱼)
  • Beer FishThe beer fish is a must-try for travelers in Yangshuo, and Xiedajie’s restaurant rivals over the others because of its refined cooking method and favorable tastes. Besides, there are also beer chicken and beer duck available for your choice.

    Add: No. 18, Diecui Road, Yangshuo County
Top Western Restaurants

However, for a long time away from home, you may miss the western food sometimes. Hereunder list several top western restaurants for your reference.

Left Bank Café
  • Left Bank Cafe
    Add: Binjiang Road, Xiu Feng District
  • The Smart Lounge Bar
    Add: No. 1 Fulongyuan, Linjiang Road
  • Pabo French Restaurant
    Add: No. 1 Jinji Road, Qixing District

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