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dali ancient town

Top Things to Do in Dali

Compared to Lijiang famed for the lazy charm in a romantic temperament, Dali is more of a place to develop the sense of belonging by boasting all ingredients for a joyful life.
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Blessed with stunning landscapes in the background of mountains and Erhai Lake, Dali is a wonderful destination for hiking and loafing around. The simple folk customs and tranquil atmosphere here also makes it a paradise on earth to escape from the daily chaos. When darkness falls, the city will take on a new look to let the life going on at numerous bars excluding sentimental appeals.
The comfortable sense of leisure fills all nooks and crannies in Dali.
Enjoy the Joy of Leisure at Erhai Lake
Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake is an alpine fault lake reputed as the pearl on plateau for its breathtaking landscape. Erhai in Chinese means "Ear-Shaped Sea", which indicates its unique appearance and broadness. Floating forward on a boat across this vast expanse of clear water, you are provided with a good chance to enjoy its tranquil beauty surrounded by the towing Cangshan Mountain and observe how those fishmongers use trained cormorants to catch fish as their ancestors did.

Discover the Glamour of Three Pagodas
Three Pagodas

As the oldest architectural structures in Southwest China which can be traced back to AD 824-859 years, the Three Pagodas is perceived as the symbol of Dali's ancient culture. Here, you could explore the charm of Chinese ancient architectures from the three independent towers forming a symmetrical triangle, and admire the magnificent beauty of Cangshan Mountain situated majestically right behind.

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Admire the Traditional Dwellings of Bai Minority at Xizhou Town
Xizhou Town

Being a key military town and one of the commercial centers of Yunnan, Xizhou Town possesses the most well-preserved residential buildings of Bai minority. Constantly shuttling from the ancient dwellings dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties to the modern houses inheriting Bai's traditional features, you will be amazed by the awareness of spanning time and space. Fine tie-dyed fabrics and ethnic costumes may arouse your interest as well.

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Experience Colorful Nightlife
Foreigner Street

Bars in Dali are famed for their sentimental appeal, where you could drink quietly without ears being filled with noisy bustles. When the night approaches and streetlamps begin to glow, Dali Ancient Town will turn into a world of bars scattered in three main streets, i.e., Honglongjing Road, Renmin Road and Foreigner Street (Huguo Road), all varying in features and styles.

A fine selection of bars are collected for you to explore the most of Dali Nightlife.

Savor Local Cuisines
Dali casserole fish
Cold chicken rice noodle

Dali is not only a tourist destination, but also a gourmet kingdom. Pop into a small eatery in Dali Ancient Town, sipping the Three Tea while savoring local snacks such as Xizhou Baba, fried-milk roll, fried rice-flour cake, carved plum, cold chicken rice noodle, Dali casserole fish and many more to make you mouthwatering. Not to mention the ubiquitous restaurants in the downtown, where you could eat all the way around.

All essences of delicacies are included in Dali Food & Restaurant.

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