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Chengdu Food & Restaurants

Sichuan Cuisine, as one of the Eight Regional Cuisines in China, is reputed for its spicy and numbing flavor. Undoubtedly, chili pepper and Chinese prickly ash never fail to be used in the dishes with prolific of tastes. What’s more, the main cooking methods are frying, braising, pickling, etc. As a famous saying goes, “Those who do not experience Sichuan food never reach China." For that, Chengdu is an ideal place to taste the subtle food.

Chengdu Food
Chengdu Food
Famous Dishes
Chengdu Mapodoufu
Mapodoufu – Flavor´╝Ünumbing and spicy
The main ingredients are bean curd and minced meat set in a spicy chili and broad bean sauce, including chili pepper, pepper, fresh ginger, garlic, and sugar, etc.
Chengdu Maoxuewang
Maoxuewang – Flavor: hot and spicy
A stunning combination of duck blood, bean sprout, tripe, eel, and some other vegetables set in a delicious soup made of chili pepper, pepper, rice wine, shallot, fresh ginger, soup stock, etc.
Chengdu Dandan Noodles
Dandan Noodles –Flavor: fresh and slightly spicy
It is a traditional pasta snack made of distinctive noodles and minced meat sauce with egg, pepper, chili pepper oil, sesame paste, vinegar, fresh ginger, etc.
Chengdu Chuanbeiliangfen
Chuanbeiliangfen – Flavor: sour and slightly spicy
It is made of clear noodles in chili sauce laced with chili pepper, cinnamon, ground peanuts, coriander, etc. If you travel in summer, it is the best choice for you.
Chengdu Longchaoshou
Longchaoshou – Flavor: fresh and tasty
Chaoshou is a special term of wonton in Sichuan, which is made from pork, shallot and other ingredients filled in nutritious wrappers.
Chengdu Fuqifeipian
Fuqifeipian – Flavor: numbing, hot and spicy
The main materials are beef and beef offal in the spicy sauce made from marinade, pepper, chili pepper, sesame oil, ground peanut, coriander, etc.
Chengdu Gongbao Jiding
Gongbao Jiding – Flavor: hot and sweet
It is a wholesome combination of various ingredients including tender diced chicken, peanuts, bamboo shoot pieces, shallot, pepper, chili pepper, etc.
Popular Restaurants for Sichuan Cuisine
  • Qin Shan Zhai
    Address: No.247 Temple of Marquis Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu (approximately 500 meters to Jinli)
    Average cost: 95RMB per person (around USD16)
  • Lixuan Chinese Restaurant
    Address: No.269, the 26th floor of Ritz-Carlton, Shuncheng Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu
    Average cost: 187RMB per person (around USD28)
  • Weidian Small Eats
    Address: No.6 Wide and Narrow Alley, Qingyang District, Chengdu
    Average cost: approximately 75RMB per person (around USD12)
  • Haolin Restaurant
    Address: Address: No.69 Dongsheng Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu
    Average cost: approximately 55RMB per person (around USD8.3)

If street food is what you are after, see Top 5 Snack Streets in Chengdu .

Chengdu Hotpot
Chengdu Hotpot

Sichuan hot pot is characterized by its spicy and pungent flavor all around the world. In Chengdu, families or friends always tend to sit around the table and enjoy the delicacy from the middle boiling pot, chatting and drinking. If you want to experience the hot pot culture and custom, you can not miss the moreish dish in Chengdu.

Eating hot pot is also an active activity where you need to put the prepared dishes into the steaming pot and enjoy the food dipped in tailor-made sauces. You can choose your own courses, including all kinds of meat, beef, lamb, seafood, fish, vegetables, tofu, mushrooms, soy products, fungus, etc. Besides, the distinctive soup is made from pepper, chili pepper, garlic, shallot, ginger, star anise, sugar and some other special materials according to the specific restaurants.

Popular Restaurants

  • Huangchenglaoma Hotpot
    Address: No.106 Qintai Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu
    Average cost: 130RMB per person (around USD20)
  • Chengdu impression Hotpot
    Address: No. 19 Wuhou Temple Street, Wuhou District, Chengdu (near rainbow bridge)
    Average cost: 106RMB per person (around USD16)
  • Laomatuo Hotpot
    Address: No. 27 Yulin Middle Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu
    Average cost: 85RMB per person (around USD13)
Western Restaurant
Grandma's Kitchen

Grandma's KitchenCuisines in Grandma's Kitchen emphasis on the North America Style and Mediterranean Style, which possess the profound background of western culinary art and philosophy. Authentic western dishes attract a whole bunch of gourmets pay a visit. It is just like a fusion restaurant. Many a foreigners speak highly of the dishes. The culture of restaurant “Feeling like home” gears to the international tourists. During fifteen-year development, Grandma's Kitchen has wined a good reputation at home and abroad.

  • Address: No. 143 North Kehua Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu
  • Average cost: approximately 96RMB per person (around USD16)
La Brasserie Western Restaurant

La Brasserie Western RestaurantLa Brasserie Western restaurant is a household name restaurant embedding in the Sofitel, which accepts both buffet-style and a la carte dishes. Which would you like best? It all depends on you. La Brasserie boasts its French Cuisine, fresh seafood as well as Japanese cuisine and receives countless praises from all walks of life.

The spacious dining room abounds with neat tables covering the brown table cloth. Each suit of cutlery is lying in its own place. White is the major color in La Brasserie. Cozy atmosphere is a major reason for customers.

It is a once-in-a-life-time meal in La Brasserie if you have chance to eat here. The flavor of dishes will be kept in mouth and mind.

  • Address: No.15 Middle Binjiang Road, Chengdu
  • Average cost: approximately 120RMB per person (around USD19)

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