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Dujiangyan Panda Base

Dujiangyan Panda base, nearly one and a half hours’ drive from Chengdu, is a newly established conservation and breeding panda center. Featuring an excellent ecological environment with vast bamboo forests and green lawns, it is a pleasant space for China’s “national treasures” and their numerous fans.

Giant Panda in Dujiangyan Base
Giant Panda in Dujiangyan Base
Top Reasons to Visit
  • Only base for close-up experience of the Panda Keeper Program and holding a panda.
  • Its beautiful, quiet scenic location at the foot of mountains generally has fewer crowds.
Basic Information
  • Location: Shiqiao Village, Qingchengshan County, Dujiangyan city, Sichuan
  • Function: Nursing, Rescuing, Disease Control
  • Occupying Area: 12,542m
  • Opening Hours: 08:00am-17:30pm
  • Time suggested: half day for Panda Keeper Program
Pandas in Dujiangyan Base
A panda is sleeping in the outside enclosure.
A panda is sleeping in the outside enclosure.

Dujiangyan Base houses around 30 pandas, including pandas rescued from wild and some famous star pandas returned from abroad. Taishan, a US-born giant panda, was once one of the most sought-after celebrities in Washington D.C.

Panpan is the oldest male panda, with an age of 30, equivalent to a 100-year-old human. He has over 130 offspring, contributing to around a quarter of the world’s captive panda population. Now the “hero father” is enjoying his later years in comfort in Dujiangyan base.

Up-close Encounters with Pandas

What’s more exciting than a close-up experience with Chengdu’s most famous residents? In Dujiangyan Base, panda lovers get the opportunity for personal interactions with these cuddly creatures, learn more about them and also help to save an endangered species.

Panda Keeper Program - Be a Panda Keeper!

Volunteer feed pandas through the bars of the cage.
Volunteer feeds panda through the bars of the cage.

The Panda Keeper Program in Dujiangyan Base offers its visitors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to closely interact with the pandas. Participants will follow professional panda keepers through a variety of volunteer tasks, including cleaning, feeding, and observe how to take care of giant pandas. At the end, everyone is issued with a certificate and panda souvenirs: a panda T-shirt or panda badge.

Dujiangyan Panda Keeper Program : Take one day to get up-close to pandas

Holding a Panda for Photos

Dujiangyan Base allows visitors to take pictures with a bady panda.
Dujiangyan Base allows visitors to take pictures with a bady panda.

Visitors can hold a panda and take pictures in Dujiangyan Base. A maximum of 20 people are allowed for the hugging/photography session each day so an early booking will ensure that you get an available slot.

Note: It is suggested that you book 2 weeks before departure for holding and volunteer program (excluding national holiday & summer holiday)

March to May is the annual mating season for pandas and the pregnancy will last for 83 to 200 days. So if you want to see newborn panda cubs, late summer or early autumn is the best time to visit.

Travel Tips
  • Physical Examination Record for Panda Keeper Program has to be provided.
  • Please try to keep quiet during the visit. Pandas are naturally quiet and solitary. Any loud or sudden noise can cause irritability and anxiety in the pandas.
  • Do not take photos with flash as this can harm the eyes of pandas.
  • Pandas are fed on a strictly-rationed diet every day. Please do not feed them without the panda keeper’s instructions, as what you feed them may disturb their normal eating habits or increase the risk of diseases.
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