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Beijing Transportation

Beijing is the first as well as a must-see destination for majority travelers to China. The city boasts of significant central status in the nation; numerous natural and cultural treasures like majestic Great Wall, Forbidden City; intricate transportation system of high efficiency and wide range of accessible cities, including most of domestic tourism cites as well as international metropolis New York, Paris, Sydney, London, etc.
  • Air

    Beijing now has two airports in operation, the super Beijing Capital International Airport as main force and international traffic hub; and historical Beijing Nanyuan Airport located in Fengtai District, which is the first airport in Chinese history. Besides, the second largest international airport in Daxing District (Beijing) has been under construction, being estimated to complete in 2019.

  • Rail

    Beijing has five railway stations in all: Beijing West Railway Station, Beijing Railway Station, and Beijing South Railway Station are primary ones with railways stretching to majority cities of the nation. The other two also take their respective roles, Beijing North Railway Station for trains to Inner Mongolia, Beijing Suburban Railway to Badaling, Yanqing; and Beijing East Railway Station with trains to regions like Chengde and Huairou.

  • City Public Transport

    Beijing has a huge public transport system consisting of intricate metro lines extending to every corner, city bus with over one thousand routes, easy taxi hailing service, and newly developed sharing bicycle. You could easily arrive in scenic spots, shopping centers, transport centers, or anywhere you want in Beijing by local efficient and convenient public transport means. Metro is your best choice during hush hours.

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