Yangtze River Cruise FAQs

What's the best time for a Yangtze River Cruise?TOP

The most favorable time for a Yangtze River Cruise is spring and autumn, when the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, and the scenery along the river sides are at the most fascinating moment. It couldn’t be more delightful than soaking up the enchanting view, leisurely bathed in genial sunshine and gentle breeze when the cruise makes its way through the spectacular Yangtze River, and sublime beauty of gorges unfolds in front of you.

What should I pack before going?TOP

It's suggested you bring a jacket or coat, T-shirts and trousers in spring and autumn, and a sweater or warm jacket for the cooler days. If you are planning to take the cruise in summer, it's nice to pack some T-shirts, short trousers, sunglasses, hat and sunscreen for avoiding the sunburn. Comfortable shoes are highly recommended for shore excursions.

Also make sure to bring yourself appropriate formal clothes for the Captain's Welcome Party on board.

What's the dress code of Captain's Welcome Party on board?TOP

Captain's Welcome Party is the very special part of a Yangtze River Cruise, and there is nothing better than a party to enliven your night on board. A suit and tie for gentlemen and an evening dress or long skirt for ladies are recommended to keep in line with the dress code, so please remember to pack them before you go.

What important boarding information should I know in advance?TOP

The exact boarding port remains unknown until one or two days before departure, and you'll be informed by your tour advisor once the message is released. Sometimes the information can only be inquired on the day of departure, so it's supposed to confirm the information by yourself and call the ship company at least 5 hours before the cruise leaving. If the phone is inaccessible or continuously busy, please contact your tour advisor or ChinaTours for help.

In addition, the check-in service of downstream cruise (Chongqing - Yichang) is closed at 21:30. Taking the transferring time and possibility of air delay into account, it's recommended to arrive Chongqing around 17:00 o'clock in case of missing the cruise. For upstream (Yichang - Chongqing) route, tourists are also required to get on board on the first night, but there are relatively more time to transfer from airport/train station to the port, for the ship won't set sail until the second morning. While boarding before 22:00 o'clock is genuinely advised.

How far is it from airport/train station to the port?TOP

For downstream route (Chongqing - Yichang), Chaotianmen Port (朝天门码头) is the only dock from which the cruise will depart. It takes 1 hour from Jiangbei International Airport, and 30 minutes from Chongqing North Railway Station to get there. As for upstream route (Yichang - Chongqing), there are two ports for embarking the cruise ships, Taohuacun Port (桃花村码头) and Xinshiji Port (新世纪码头); both are within a 50 minutes' drive from Yichang Sanxia Airport, and 30 minute-drive from Yichang East Railway Station.

Is pick-up service included in the tour package?TOP

Pick-up service is not included in the tour package fare. But we can provide pick-up and transfer service as per your request.

What kind of meals offered on board?TOP

Most of the ships provide Western & Chinese buffet so tourists can choose from a wide range of delicious food without worry about disturbing their eating habits; vegetarian diet is also available on board on the condition that you inform us in advance.

Is wifi available on board?TOP

Yes, wifi is available on most ships (except for Century Diamond, Century Sky and Century Sun) but maybe a little unstable because of the ship passing through deep valleys. Internet access is available in business centers on all ships so you can share beautiful pictures, interesting moments with your families and friends. Both wifi and Internet access need to pay separately for use.

How about the shore excursion?TOP

With many steps to climb and long distance to walk, it's advised to take shore excursion based on your own physical conditions. Comfortable shoes like sneakers and hiking shoes are highly recommended. In addition, be aware of return time and keep the disembarkating-card with you when you get off the ship.

Can I get off the ship if I'm not joining in the optional shore excursion?TOP

Generally speaking, tourists are not allowed to leave the ship if they don't join in the optional shore excursion, but there will be some interesting on-board activities including Tai Chi class, dumpling wrapping, culture lectures, etc. for tourist passing the leisure time.

How about the payment on board?TOP

Room card is used to credit all consumption to the guests bills on board. When checking out, you can pay the bills by cash or major credit cards, including Visa and Master Cards. The currency exchange service is also available at the service counter.

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