Traveler's Checks

Are traveler’s cheques accepted in China?TOP

Traveler's cheques can be cashed in major banks in China, yet they can never be accepted as a way of payment at any other places.

Where can I cash traveler’s cheques in China?TOP

Nowadays the traveler's cheques are rather commonly seen in China, therefore purchasing and cashing the cheques can be done in most major banks today. To find out more detailed information about the banks available, their policy on traveler's cheques, locations and opening hours, please check out the following table:

Name of the bank
Customer Service
Bank of China
Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
Agricultural Bank of China
China Construction Bank
China Merchants Bank
Bank of Communications
China Citic Bank

Is there any commission fee occur when cashing the traveler’s cheques?TOP

Basically the commission fee varies from one bank to another. Mostly it fluctuates around 0.75%, but it might be lowered while the bank is having some kind of promotion.

What do I do should I lose my traveler’s cheque?TOP

Should your traveler's cheque is lost or stolen, the first thing to be done is to immediately report to the issuer of the cheque and to the local police authority. Then you can decide whether to have the refund later or have the cheque issued again.

Do traveler’s cheques have expiry date? If yes, when?TOP

No, traveler's cheques have no expiry date, you can cash them anytime you wish.

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