Telephones and Cell Phones

Can I use my own mobile phone in China?TOP

The mechanisms of mobile communication currently being employed in China include GSM, CDMA, WCDMA and TD-SCDMA, which represent 2g or 3g network. If your phone is of one of these mechanisms, then it would be working just fine.

How do I make phone calls in China?TOP

Nearly all hotels and post offices offer the IDD services. In case you wish to make international phone calls on your mobile, the service needs to be activated through the customer service of the supplier and make sure there is enough balance to cover the calls. While making an international call via either cell phone or landline, you ought to dial “00” first, and then the country code, the area code, then the phone number. While making a domestic yet inter-province call to a landline number, area code needs to be put in front of the number, while “0” needs to be dial first before a mobile number.

Where can I purchase a SIM card? TOP

The three major mobile service suppliers in China are China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom. SIM cards can be purchased at any service booths, outlets of these suppliers and cell phone stores, with a copy of your identification and a deposit of certain amount of money in the SIM card. No matter which supplier you choose, the phone number consists of 11 digits.

The SIM cards used in China are mostly pre-paid, which means you need enough balance on the card to cover phone calls, internet charges or any other expenses. When the balance on your SIM card is running low, there are quite a few ways to top up, such as purchasing recharge voucher online or at convenience store, newsstand etc, paying at the local customer service hall and so forth.

What are the rates of calls in mainland China?TOP

The calling rates vary with different suppliers and monthly plans, but generally the local calls cost CNY 0.2 per minute, while long-distance calls CNY 0.3 per minute.

To whom could I turn for help should problems occur to my SIM card? TOP

Should problems occur to your SIM card, you can call the customer service number of your service supplier. The service is available 24-7 and the numbers for the major suppliers in China are as follow:

China Mobile     10086

China Unicom     10010

China Telecom    10000

Can I have my telephone bill and if yes, how?TOP

Yes, detailed telephone bills can be printed out at the branch of the service supplier for free, with personal identification documents presented.

Can I find a fax machine easily in China?TOP

Yes, fax machine can be found in almost all hotels, certain hostels and other type of accommodations, along with scanners and some other office equipments.

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