Shopping in China

What are the BEST souvenirs to buy in China?TOP

In China, the best souvenirs to buy are tea, silk, handicrafts, jades, paintings and calligraphies, antiques, etc. In different cities, there are still many other ideal souvenirs for you to choose from, for example, painted clay sculptures and paper-cutting in Beijing, replicas of Terra-cotta soldiers in Xi’an, model of Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, etc. When going shopping in the local markets or department stores, you will have much more good choices.

Where to shop in China?TOP

China is an excellent shopping destination. It produces some of the best goods in the world market. Here you can purchase not only the local specialties but also the world famous products. When traveling to China, the following shopping places are worth visiting: local shopping markets, shopping streets, shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, friendship stores, factories, etc., most of which can be found easily in the major cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, etc.

Is there any tip for foreigners to buy Chinese antiques?TOP

Yes. The following things are the tips for foreigners to buy Chinese antiques: first, you should buy at the large, well-known, and state-run shops; second, you should confirm whether the antiques have a wax seal to prove its authenticity and can be permitted to be taken out of China or not; third, the antiques produced before 1795 are forbidden to be exported according to the laws; fourth, the receipts or invoices of purchasing the antiques should be in good keep in order to show the customs when you leave China.

How to Bargain When Shopping in China?TOP

Generally speaking, bargaining can help you to buy some good things at a low price in China, so learning how to bargain is very useful. Here are some suggestions. Before purchasing the goods, you should make a general survey at the market to get a common price of the same item. Then you will become confident when bargaining with the seller. If you take a fancy to one thing, you should try your best to find the flaws on it to get an excuse to discount the article. When bargaining, you should be insistent and friendly, always with smile on your face. If the seller doesn’t make concessions on the offered price, you just walk away because in most cases, the seller will call you back to give in to you. Normally, you can get a 50% discount. When you bargain successfully, you should buy the article. If not, the seller will become angry with your impoliteness. Besides, generally, nearly all the sellers can speak a little English, so you never mind the language barrier.

Could you give me some tips on shopping in China? TOP

Yes. First, you needn’t to buy anything you see in one place during the first few days because you may meet better articles in other places. Second, when buying the goods, you should ask for the receipts for them. Third, you should make sure whether the antiques you bought can be legally exported or not. Fourth, you should examine the articles carefully before paying. Fifth, you should not purchase the goods made from rare wild animals because they could be regarded as contraband goods, which will be confiscated.

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