Safety and Emergency

Is China a safe country to travel?TOP

Yes, it is true that China is generally regarded a safe country to travel in although there are some unavoidable petty crimes, such as pickpockets and scammers. So travelers need to take routine safety precautions just at home and especially be cautious with their personal possessions in public place. Following are some tips for travelers to avoid potential problems:

     Do not show off the large amounts of money in public and keep your wallet out of sight.
     Carry your passport, visa, credit cards, or other travel documents in a safe place on yourself or leave it on the hotel safe.
     Leave the valuables in a safe place such as the hotel safe. Do not leave them in your room or carry them with you.
     Take care of your own belongs in crowded areas such as railway and bus stations, local festivals, markets, tourist attractions and so on.
     Do not travel any sites that are not open to foreigners.
     If you do need to exchange money, do it in the banks, hotels or other official exchange offices. It's illegal to exchange currency with others.
     Respect the local customs and habits, and avoid dissension with people.
     Follow the Chinese laws and rules when traveling China.
Is it safe for women to travel alone in China?TOP

Yes, it is no doubt very safe for women to travel alone in China. However, it is highly recommended for women travelers to take the following precautions to avoid the uncomfortable situations. Do dress conservatively and do not walk alone late at night and avoid meeting strange person in a secluded place.

What should I do when come across some emergencies in China?TOP

You may encounter some troubles when traveling China. Once come across the emergencies, please do not hesitate to call 110 for the police or 120 for an ambulance. Do remember to make note of the phone number of your guide, tour group leaders, or even your embassy and consulates.

What’s the Useful Telephone Number in China?TOP

The following numbers may help you in certain circumstance when traveling around China.

Phone Number
Local Telephone Number Inquiry and Area Code Inquiry
Ambulance / First Aid
Weather Forecast
Traffic Accident
Emergency Mail
China Telecom
China Mobile
China Unicom

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