Power Plugs, Sockets and Adaptors

What is the voltage and frequency standard in China?TOP

Generally, 220 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz is the standard used in China, while there are only two exceptions: Hong Kong and Taiwan. In Hong Kong, they use 200 volts at a frequency of 50 Hz and the Taiwaners are using 110 volts.

Voltage and frequency standard in China and some other nations´╝Ü

China 220V/50HZ Britain 240V/50HZ U.S.A. 120V/60HZ
Austrilia 240V/50HZ Canada 120V/60HZ Germany 230V/50HZ 
Vietnam 120V/50HZ France 220V/50HZ Italy 220V/50HZ
Egypt 220V/50HZ Brazil 127-220V/60HZ South Korea 220V/60HZ

Should I use converters?TOP

Most laptops have their own converters, but it is advisable for you to use a converter if you intend to bring small electric devices.

Sokets used in China are as follows:


Why should I use an adaptor in China?TOP

In China, there are two kinds of plugs: two-prong ones and three-prong ones; which means other kinds of plugs will not fit into sockets of this country. Therefore, an adaptor is required if you bring electric device for daily use during your China tour.

2-pin plus in China

3-pin plugs in China


Where could I get adaptors or converters?TOP

If you really could not find a proper one on Amazon which provides global-shopping service, then there are three other ways to meet your request:

1. First, try to find them in 7-11 or Wal-Mart at home;

2. Star-level hotels in China are all offering adaptors and converters to their guests for free;

3. After landing in China, try to find them in stores around the airport.
What kind of adaptors should I choose?TOP

Although both 2 and 3 pins plugs could be used in China, the latter one is recommended, for it’s safer than the 2-pin ones.

A 3-pin adaptor


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